Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county
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Thread: Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county

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    Cottonwood gal

    Dec 2016
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo county

    I am just starting out with detecting. I have been doing some reading about my area, but does anyone who is familiar with the California central coast have any suggestions on more specific locations for me?

    I went to a local beach the other day. Mostly bottle caps which I took home and discarded but I did find a few coins. One penny in particular is very crusted. I have been reading about ways to clean coins but I would like input from you as to the best method so as not to compromise the coin.

    Thanks in advance. I love this hobby! Can't wait to get out again. I keep looking at my calendar and trying to schedule in time.

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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    Welcome from Salinas, CA. Were you on the wet beach? Or dry sand on the beach ? If you were trying the wet, then be aware: We've been in a nearly 2 month lull, of no swells in CA. Hence the inter-tidal wet zone of all the beaches is "sanded in". Dry sand is less fun (just random placement, all clad, no rhyme or reason). Unless you're in a very thick touristy beach, then something like the volley-ball courts could be good to angle for jewelry on dry sand (assuming you're not facing lots of other md'r competition in your area that keeps them thinned out).

    As for "spots", you're not going to be likely to get guys to reveal spots capable of turning up older coins. I mean, sure, the obvious old parks or whatever. But if they were good, go figure they've long-since been hammered . And are often stingy to pull more oldies from. And old-timers are not likely to give out prime spots they've researched and are pulling old coins from . Eg.: stage stop sites, old resort or defunct yester-year picnic grounds, etc... Because of course, they intend to work it themselves

    A good bet to cut-your-teeth and have a chance at oldies (silver) , and good learning to tackle turf techniques (sounds/tones) is the last frontier of virgin turf: Old yards. Hit yards of post WWII baby-boom yards in your area. Eg.: the type of late 1940s/early 1950s yards, and you'll find them to usually be easy pickens for a chance at wheaties, silver, and prolific clad. Granted it won't be super old silver, but .... at least you'll have back to back signals to train your brain with. And granted, this involves knocking on doors, or "catching people out on their front porch". Or perhaps you know friends and family with such types yards in your area.

    Then when you get a feel for that (and can reliably TID coins at 6 to 8") then try some parks in your area, to see if the yesteryear md'rs have left you much. I've pulled silver from parks in Santa Barbara. But .... some of them aren't for the "faint of heart" nowadays. Ie.: the 4-star classic silver signals are getting few and far between.

    There's scores of history all around you. And there used to be a club in Santa Barbara (but I think it dwindled). There are no doubt still hobbyists there though. And if you pick the long-timer's brains to see what they've exploited, and what they haven't, perhaps you can research and find old resort sites in the hills, scout camps no longer used, old mineral springs used as camps, etc.... For example: I know some guys, right now, who are driving all the way up from Los Angeles to a spot .... uh ... between Ventura to Gaviota. They make the drive all the way to hit a certain park. And they are getting 5 to 8-ish silvers at a pop (even back to barbers), and scores of wheaties. For some strange reason, this park escaped the scrutiny of yester-year hunters in that particular locale. Granted, these buddies of mine are hard-core aces (who know how to eak out whispers), but .... just sayin' .... there are still spots to be found with research and machine know-how.

    Also: The Ca coast is slated to get raked by an entire week of south swells, starting about tomorrow. Google "Tom's beach tips". That'll give you some info. on when/where/how to find beach erosion. And get on the California Kinzli forum, and beach hunters from both south and north chime in there with beach buzz talk (storm/swell watcher talk).
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    Cottonwood gal

    Dec 2016
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Wow! Thank you for taking time with me. I do appreciate it. I will check out both Tom's tips and Ca. Kinzli forum.
    How about a clue whether those parks are coastal, city county or state, ?? Thanks again. I always wanted to treasure hunt when I was little.

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    Cottonwood gal

    Dec 2016
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Hi Tom, I have decided to pm you.
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