Covering holes from dry river bed, Serious problem in my area.
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Thread: Covering holes from dry river bed, Serious problem in my area.

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    Jul 2006
    Central California
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    Covering holes from dry river bed, Serious problem in my area.

    Just a reminder for those that detect dry river beds, please cover all holes.

    This is a problem we are having from one of our local river beds, I've already mentioned this to one of the two detectorists who are leaving holes. But it still continues, couple of my local hunting buddies including myself are worried.

    These are deep, pit size holes left behind unfilled. Hundreds of holes, we try and cover them as we detect, covering someone elses holes robs our detection time but it's the right thing to do.

    This year, 2017 will be different. I will post pictures of those not covering holes, I've already asked nicely but future incidents will be posted.

    People horse back up and down this river, childern ride dirt bikes. It's extremely dangerous, and an eye sore as well and can eventually have the area shut off from metal detecting.

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    Isn't it a shame that it takes a few to ruin it for all of us. Thank you for your efforts.
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    Hi Paul i feel your pain

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    Aug 2012
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    Pit size holes in the river bed from MDers; man I can not wait to see these things, that or my idea of pit size is not the same as yours.
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    Jul 2006
    Central California
    10 times
    Thanks everyone for your support, hopefully this post puts an end to the holes left behind.

    Just got to the point i have too go to the extreme of voicing our local issue, these are not a few holes but hundreds many 2 feet deep with up to 20" inch plus diameter. And from detectorists not kids building sand castles, it gets old covering up holes while we try to detect ourselves.

    I've asked nicely, vocal and text.

    And Frank, was a joy hearing your voice again a while back. Thanks for the call was a treat, looking forward to seeing both you and your wife again.

    Thanks again gang


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    Apr 2014
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    I've seen those holes too many to count and I'm sure it's the same hunter who is digging most if not all of these holes. Must be a beginner.
    I hope this person understands what he is doing and starts filling his holes.
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