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    May 2013
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    Oldest one yet!!

    Hey guys good morning. So I went out early Saturday morning just up the road from my House to and old cellar hole for a couple Hours in the morning and found this 25lb pry bar. Came back did some chores around the House and had a couple of hours left in the day so I went back over the stone wall next to my House where I found a 1910 Barber dime two weeks ago. And found this not 12ft from where I found the Dime. I am so Pumped!! 1873 Indian. Its pretty worn and green can't tell if its a Double Liberty or not. thought I had pounded that spot pretty hard after I found the dime. You never know what you miss just inches from your coil.

    Thanks for looking. Click image for larger version. 

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    Congratulations to the Winner!

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    Nice Semi Key IH, Congrats
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    Oct 2013
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    Hello there my friend! Great find buddy. I'm excited for you man! It's an awesome feeling isn't it. I didn't even know this section of tnet existed I don't think :-) I've had great luck cleaning my indian heads. They usually clean up very nicely. That's a great year and awesome find. I know that feeling and it never gets old buddy
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    Sorry Honey, I canít. Iíve got plans with my metal detector.

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    nice greenie!



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