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    Mar 2013
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Gold Chain I LOST 5-7 years ago

    I Have been a jeweler for a few years and about 5-7 years ago I was at a maryland beach and lost a 26" gold chain i have picture to verify it was mine. I was young and dumb to take it to that beach. I have just said i will never find it and i searched the water where i was for 2 hours and paid a metal detector to search for hour. I almost think in is a lost cause.
    for a description of the Necklace
    26" figarurucci (not your standard figaro link) 10k gold
    Handcuff clasp
    if my memory is correct 93.6 grams
    My jewelers cost was quite low compared to retail: $7500 today 11 years ago 3,000
    Kays jewelers carry in standard 22" i had mine special ordered in 26" So great chance of being one of a kind
    i owned this necklace from 18 yrs old till 22 - 23 when i lost it i am now 29 and trying to find an honest treasure hunter to help me return it?
    i have the streets that i was at during my day trip to the beach but it could have been washed up or down the beach

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    Feb 2013
    Port Republic, Md.
    ACE 250
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Your post is a little hard to follow. I assume you are currently request help to locate this necklace?
    If so, you have it posted in the wrong location, this thread is for things people have found. You may want to post here Lost & Found .
    Also, since you originally posted in the Maryland section, I assume this item is somewhere in Maryland. You may want to give a general idea of the location to narrow down those that can help.
    Also (just my $.02), if this location is an area like mainstream Ocean City, you probably should give up on ever finding it.
    Good Luck.



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