Party Cove @ Lake of the Ozarks
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    Feb 2010
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    Party Cove @ Lake of the Ozarks

    Seems like this would be an ideal place to water hunt? Do millions of others have the same idea? Or is it illegal? Anybody have experience pro or con on this locale?

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    Re: Party Cove @ Lake of the Ozarks

    I think that there is a fellow that dives on the area after the season....or maybe all through it. You put that many people in an area and let them drink alcohol......and theres sure to be some nice items at the bottom of the Lake. Happy Hunting......Greg

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    Re: Party Cove @ Lake of the Ozarks

    Most of those places you have to have a permit from the department of conservation.
    and you have to carry it on you,on the ones i have for tablerock,and bull shoals,
    they state that anything found in value over 15.00 must be turned in.
    But,remember to carry the permit on you or they can give you a ticket.


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    Jan 2009
    St. Peters MO

    Re: Party Cove @ Lake of the Ozarks

    You are correct, it is a pretty good place to detect and it's done on a semi regular basis by 2 guys. My friend talked to one guy diving there and related to me that the guy was mostly finding beads and sunglasses. He also had a collection of ruined cameras too.

    I was told by DNR Officer that a permit was needed to detect in a State Park but he didn't know how to get one. The DNR office in Jefferson City told me the same thing! I'm just guessing but if you are in the water & not tied up to Park property they couldn't require the permit. All the maps I've seen of the lake show Park property only on land, not the water.

    Happy hunting and I hope you'll get back to us if you do detect "Potty Cove"!

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    Re: Party Cove @ Lake of the Ozarks

    A permit is required and I have one. The permit covers most MO. State parks but only for beaches and only between the hours of 7AM-9AM which leaves me scratching my head. It is for those reasons that I have not detected in any of those parks.


    Metal detecting is allowed only on specific sand beaches in the facilities listed below. A permit is required and may be obtained free of charge by writing to Missouri Department of Natural Resources, Facility and Visitor Services Program, P.O. Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102, or by e-mail.

    o Crowder State Park
    o Cuivre River State Park
    o Finger Lakes State Park
    o Lake of the Ozarks State Park
    o Lake Wappapello State Park
    o Lewis and Clark State Park
    o Long Branch State Park
    o Pershing State Park

    o Pomme de Terre State Park
    o St. Joe State Park
    o Stockton State Park
    o Trail of Tears State Park
    o Harry S Truman State Park
    o Wakonda State Park
    o Wallace State Park
    o Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and State Historic Site
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    Re: Party Cove @ Lake of the Ozarks

    Couple years ago there was a guy on TV about diving Party Cove. Over 10 years he found all kinds of things, from a rolexs to crazy expensive sun glasses. If I remember correctly, between selling on ebay and a local store he made over a million bucks.
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    You HAVE to have a permit which is free. however after labor day u may hunt all day but BEFORE between memorial day and Labor day just from 7am to 9am. and after 5pm i believe it is .

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    Feb 2013
    Mo. Ozarks
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    Where do you get a permit to hunt on lake of o. Is that only on water and the state parks?



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