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    Dec 2011
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    Can I sell my mercury

    I have a large amount of Mercury and I would like to sell some. I have check the price here in Utah and was not happy. I use it for fine gold recovery but don't need as much as I have. how does one go about selling it and is it legal for me to do so? Help?!
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    Oct 2011
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    Re: Can I sell my mercury

    You know, you can't get rid of that stuff so be very careful. If you spill even the tinniest drop on the floor, it will roll around until it finds a crack to go even lower towards ground. I would start by calling a scrap metals dealer, he could steer you to a buyer or let you know if you need a permit to even have it....Dentists use to use it all the time putting in Silver filings, so some of us have it in our mouths right now, I assume

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    Jul 2012
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    How did you come by so much Mercury?

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    Jul 2012
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    There are federal laws dealing with the storage and disposal of mercury. You realize, I hope, that any contact with your skin and it enters your bloodstream and stays there(stored in your liver, I think). Also, if you evaporate it, don't breath the fumes because this will over time, like skin contact, kill you.It has pretty much been removed from any dental use, but if you are getting up there in years, yep, it's in your fillings. It is a very dangerous substance so please be careful...

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    Aug 2009
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    LOL we use to rub it into pennies to turn them silver when we were kids . I probably got at least a gram in me then.
    Ah the good old days . No wonder I'm so messed up . Where are you at what city? I need a bit pm me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by austin View Post
    this will over time, like skin contact, kill you./ but if you are getting up there in years, yep, it's in your fillings.
    This is an OLD post & my Response is not meant as a dig on austin.

    But comments like this always make me laugh

    so.... It'll kill you if old age doesn't get you first ?

    like cigarettes, just imagine how many 3000 year old people would be
    dancing around, if they didn't smoke. George Burns would be 118 in
    about 2 weeks, & still telling his old jokes

    Dental amalgam controversy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Mar 2013
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    There is this dude named The Mad Hatterlooking for some.



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