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    Nov 2006
    Beautiful Burnett county, WI
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    NW Wi Hot

    Hello Wisconsin people!

    I’ve been away for a very long time.

    Some of you may remember that last spring, I broke my knee in two places, so it put me out of commission…

    I’ve been mending very well, but have a HUGE plate (catching up)

    Some may remember me talking about an area that we bought, that abuts the Gandy Dancer Trail, and that an old train station used to reside there.

    Well, I wasn’t ready to give that information up at that time, due to our project we were about to get into…(privacy matters and what have you) And, the potential items to be found (historically speaking)

    However, our project shifted, and this area I’m talking about, plays a pretty important part of our new (shift) ideas. As a result…an idea came to me to share the whole idea with MD’s (where as the last year I felt I needed to protect it all)

    Well, not so any more. The long and short of it is, I simply cannot do it alone, period!
    (there are acres and acres of it)
    The area I’m speaking of has some good history for WI and the railroad. Ergo, “The Gandy Dancer Trail”
    (Google it if you're unsure)

    Ok, sorry the post is going to get long (I’ll try to keep it short)

    We own a speck of the Gandy where a train stop used to be…not for people traveling, but for loading lumber or what have you (so, it’s a bit ambiguous) But, as I‘ve heard it (and from what I have seen) our place used to be that stop (loading area or what have you)

    The area is complete sand dunes now (brush, trees and etc have grown in, just a bit) But people have been using it ever since as a through way, for their atv’s and (snow mobiles, walks and what have you), since I don’t know when. (And we have a slip of the river, under a bridge)

    What I’m proposing is, to allow any md’s to come here and see what they can find (I don’t care if you come from any other state) But, the fact of the matter is, I just haven’t the time…it’s a HUGE area with SO much.

    I will warn you, there is so much junk there (I was told from the demolition of the station that was there)
    My detector goes crazy! But, I’ve found wheat pennies, a small amount of clad, real old real red glass, a speck of gold, and some pretty wired items…I just have NOT the time to hit it as it should be though (and that’s the honest to goodness truth) Being I was a cripple all last year…and only got back into it this year, but have only hit it once since! (in fact, just this evening. It’s why I decided to post) If you saw my wee leg, you’d understand….lol..it's pathetic. And of course I just am an avid freak about finding good old stuff!

    Hit me up through PM or email if you’re interested in md’ing this area I’m talking about.

    Obviously there will be some guidelines for detecting it, such as either bagging or piling up any garbage you find…but what you find, you keep…report or not. But, if you find something way cool (historic on the property) it’d just be nice to know and can be documented as such (that’s on “our” property” and will be marked as such)

    Again, I simply cannot do it alone. However, I will not tolerate folks thinking they can come here and detect, but leave crap about…just saying!

    So ya know, holes will take care of them selves, but ya have to take some kind of of care, BUT, it’s ALL sand! We’re talking all pure sugar sand.

    If you need amenities for camping/over night stay, just let me

    If you’re interested in this, please just shoot me an email.

    This will be by invite only (i.e. after you have contacted me and we srt up a time)

    I’d love to pull together a whole WI people gathering and have some fun doing this…but, I’d have to see who responds to this post first.

    I’m open to most any times

    Just write me!


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    Oct 2010

    Re: NW Wi Hot


    My name is Adam...

    I'm new here, and been collecting coins for about a year now. I started buying coins just for the silver value. In the beginning, I would need to sell some of what I bought (due to spending too much that month), and would have people interested in a roll or half roll of Walkers or something. These people would dig through my stuff and pick out certain coins. This made me curious so I got a Red Book and learned about coins.

    Since then I have acquired some great coins! I also pride myself in some of my other treasures I have made BANK on! I bought a 23 ounce sterling silver bowl at a make shift thrift store/ permanent garage sale close to my folks camper in Holcomb WI.

    I payed 5$ for the bowl... AND SOLD IT FOR 400$!


    I also scored a metal detector... nothing super nice (Bounty Hunter Pioneer 101).

    No huge scores with it yet...key word...YET!

    A couple weeks ago, I went to a garage sale here in River Falls (WI). I actually made a mistake and stopped the day before it was supposed to open, but the guy did not mind and told me to look around. His dad was a major hoarder and really wanted stuff gone! I found some random stuff; like an old sterling silver pocket watch (50 cents!), a 1987 MN Twins World Series commemorative silver bullion round (1$). I came back the next day when he was open and pulled a paper grocery bag FULL of old stamps from America as well as all over the world (I still need to figure out what to do with those) outta his pile of free stuff! I know there has to be some major cash in that bag, but I know nothing about stamps.

    You should have seen this sale! I spent 3.5 hours there digging through drawers and cupboards in the garage and basement!

    I forgot to mention, the 1st day I was there I asked the guy if he had anymore coins. He said he did, but did not have the time to dig them out so he told me to stop over another time and I could check them out. I stopped over last Friday, and he invited me in...He said that he forgot to look around for me, but said I could dig through this drawer in has kitchen.

    I was freaking out at what I found! I pulled out a FULL Roosevelt Dime book (1946 - 1960), 8 Canadian silver dollars, about 8 silver war nickles, some sterling silver rings and bracelets, an 1801 Large Cent, a few silver Washington quarters, and a little gold looking sewing thimble! .. and (WHAT I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW THE VALUE OF) A old silver coin...

    It's marked; CAROLOUS 1808 DEI GRATIA (front)
    HISPAN ET IND REX (small O over M) 8R T H (back)

    From what I found about it, is a 8 Reales Pillar coin. What does that mean? Does anyone know what the value might be?

    I'm not sure how this works so if someone knows shoot me an email, or I'll check back soon.

    Adam Johnson from WI

    P.S. I asked the guy what he wanted for all the coins, he said "make an offer." I asked if 30$ sounded ok... He said SURE!

    I would like to keep in contact with you... Nice to know another WI TREASURE HUNTER!
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    Jun 2005
    Chippewa Falls
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    Re: NW Wi Hot


    Can you contact me. I am the club president of Three Seasons Treasure Hunters LLC in Chippewa Falls, WI. (715) 577-0235 or kbriggs@threeseasonstreasurehunters.com



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