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    Hi all,
    just took my brand new cz21 with 10" coil down to the Jersey shore yesterday and had some issues. Am hoping that all the more experienced users on here can set me straight!
    Here goes:

    1. could not get the thing to ground balance with the manual's quick method(ie raise loop,tap pinpoint,lower loop,turn ground knob clockwise till you hear a tone then back off)...i have never been able to get this thing to give me a tone when using this method and i have tried it in dry,wet,black sand as well as this the method you all use?

    2. when using the pinpoint feature if i move the coil 2 feet to the side of the target the machine goes into a full volume pinpoint mode that can only be gotten out of by hitting the pp button again

    3. unit falses alot(especially at the end of a swing arc) and sensitivity is only around 5

    i have a feeling most of these issues stem from an improper ground balance. i called the factory and they told me to use the BOBBING method which is a real PIA...any input would be appreciated

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    Bobbing method generally works better than the "when in pinpoint" method.

    In sand that has no magnetite in it, you may not see much if anything interesting happening as you rotate the ground balance knob-- if you're not hearing ground pickup, you're probably working in nonmineralized sand.

    The other issues you mentioned, not enough information to say what's happening.

    --Dave J.

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    I use the bobbing method too. I use autotune when bobbing. Your pinpoint buttom might be sticking or you are getting another large target to the side, but I am betting on bad pinpoint button. As for the falsing at the end of swings, it could be coil cable not secured to shaft or black sand in coil cover. Not enough info for me to know whats wrong. I never have to use the pinpoiint with the use of a scoop.
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    Bobbing is the only way to go, I can gb in five seconds flat by bobbing. Good hunting with your new cz21!!!
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    Nov 2007
    North East,Pa
    Ace 250, Whites Silver Eagle, BHID,M6,CZ21
    19 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Thanks for all the replies and PMs! Think i have the grounding thing somewhat figured out. I can even get it to work the "Quick" way the manual states. My main problem was i did not have the Sensitivity maxed out(no where does it explain this in the manual but it makes sense when you think about it). Once you do that you can hear the machine respond to the ground matrix. Thanks again!



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