11" coil doesnt need washers?
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    Sep 2005
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    11" coil doesn't need washers?

    Just received new F75 Ltd and installed 5" coil and used 2 rubber washers. But don't need washers with 11" coil? First impression after assembling the F75: well built and potent.

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    My original F-75 had one black washer for the 11"DD. When I sent it for the upgrade it came back with two red washers.
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    I have the 11" coil on my F70 and it just clicks into place and stays stable and firm with no washers.
    I also have the small DD sniper and the 10" elliptical coils and they both fit and work fine without washers, also.
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    Sep 2005
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    The "Read Me First" sheet that was in the box advised that the 10" and 11" coils were designed to be used without washers and use of the washers might damage the plastic. I'll use the washers with the 5" coil, then remove the washers when I install the 11" coil.

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    Sep 2005
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    I also received the red washers, they fit flush with the recesses in the pole. Apparently the warning in the Read Me First sheet pertained to a thicker washer used in the past.



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