How do they like us now?
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Thread: How do they like us now?

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    How do they like us now?

    Next time someone asks "what are you looking to find?" I'll answer "evidence."
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    Pretty nice news-

    Here's the transcript. (for those not familiar, Kissimmee is next to Orlando)

    Kissimmee police say a group of metal detecting volunteers helped them figure out who shot and killed 17-year-old David Guerrero as he was on his way to work last month.
    Alan James is the president of the Central Florida Metal Detecting Club.
    While metal detecting is a hobby for James and the 100-plus other members, the group often gets called in by police to help in searches.
    “When you help out the police department, it’s special,” said James, who demonstrated a metal detecting search for News 13.
    When Guerrero was shot and killed on Central Avenue, police officers said they had very few clues to go on.
    The area surrounding the crime scene consisted of a large field and a retention pond where evidence could’ve been easily lost.
    “We didn’t find anything. We were out there with the dogs, with ATF. They didn’t find anything. So, we had heard about how this club had helped the Orlando Police Department, so we put in a call to them,” said Stacie Miller, the spokesperson for the Kissimmee Police Department.
    The club got to work sectioning off the area surrounding the crime scene in Kissimmee.
    Within 40 minutes, a club member located a spent shell casing, a key piece of evidence needed by KPD.
    “Within 40 minutes, one of the members raised their hand and they had found the exact casing that we were looking for,” said Miller.
    Investigators were able to link the spent shell casing to Guerrero’s death and also to the mysterious home and car shootings in Osceola County.
    It ultimately lead to the arrest of 15-year-old Konrad Schafer, now charged with murder, and 20-year-old David Damus, charged with murder in the first-degree.
    What’s the legality of having civilians search for evidence?
    Officers said the volunteers never touched the evidence. They only alerted police.
    “They were to raise their hands if they found anything. One of our crime scene technicians would come over and get what they found, so the chain of custody always remained with the police department,” said Miller.
    As for the nearly 40 club members that combed through the crime scene, they say finding key evidence in a murder case was gratifying.
    “It’s always a big deal when we help anybody, but helping take a murderer off the street, that’s kind of special in anybody’s book, I think, and that’s how we feel about it too.”
    The club president said they also help out individuals that have lost valuable items, such as wedding rings, free of charge.
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