Relic hunting east cetnral/north eastern florida?
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    Relic hunting east cetnral/north eastern florida?

    Hey there,

    I'm a newbie here and a newbie to Florida. I moved down here three years ago and while here, being bored out of my mind, I decided to purchase a new detector. I had sold my older detectors about 8 years ago, but have been an avid T-hunter since the late 80's.

    I just purchsed a new Tesoro Vaquero and was hoping to do a little relic hunting. I had done a little research via the web and see that there are tons of ghosts towns around Florida which surprised the hell out of me. There is actually an old saw mill and fort about 5 miles from my home but it is protected now by a historic society. I had read some other veteran t-hunters saying that there wasn't really much good relic hunting here in Florida, but the evidence makes me question their statements.

    If anyone can share any of their experiences relic hunting here in Florida, any leads, or if they don't want to share spots, which I completely understand, then maybe share some Florida relic hunting tips. IN the past I was never much of a relic hunter, more of a coin shooter and beach hunter.

    I currently live in Flagler county, Palm Coast.

    Thanks for any info you can share.


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    Re: Relic hunting east cetnral/north eastern florida?

    Actually i answered my own question. With the number of old forts, war campsites, deserted buldings and history, Florida clearly must have some great relic hunting. Now i must hope that all the goodies haven't been excavated over the years

    I'm still interested, though, in any nice finds t-hunters may have found over the years.


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    Re: Relic hunting east cetnral/north eastern florida?

    A couple of friends and I used to launch our bass boats just south of Hwy 60 on the Kissimmee river. We would head south past the next two sets of locks and camp along the river for the weekend.

    Sometimes we stayed on public lands, sometimes it was probably private property. There are some very large ranchís out there that donít get much attention. We always cleaned up, left no sign of our campsite.

    We would mostly fish; eat burgers and beans washed down by generous amounts of ice cold beer. We camped along the switch back banks of the old river, out of sight.

    There were numerous times we would find evidence of old buildings, but did not have detectors. There most certainly was some neat stuff there buried just below the surface.

    Look into the Florida Cracker Trail books and history. The Kissimmee River was a busy place. Cattle went from central Florida down along the river to Charlotte Harbor via Okeechobee ending up in Cuba. Gold came back. There are lots of old tales of buried and missing loot.

    Happy hunting, thinking back, I missed some great opportunities!
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    Re: Relic hunting east cetnral/north eastern florida?

    Hey Dan,

    The problem is not with the number of locations, but that many of the sites have been converted to State Parks or Preserves, which means no digging allowed. That's what puts a crimp in plans. Much of the rest is on private property. The only time I asked about getting on someone's property they said "NO".

    I find that the parks and schools in Palm Coast are fairly new, so you don't have the decades of buildup there to keep things interesting.

    I have a couple of places down in the Port Orange area that I want to check out. Might do so next weekend sometime between honey doos at home.


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