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    Aug 2007
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    Metal Detecting in Orlando and Kissimmee areas.

    Hi all! I just got a Garrett Ace 250 on Saturday and live on the border of Osceola and Lake County close to highway 27. I haven't went metal detecting since I was like 10 years old with my dad. I consider my self new to metal detecting and as I know a few laws and rules of metal detecting can anyone tell me what places I can metal detect in Orlando and Kissimmee or in the following counties Orange,Osceola,Lake and Polk counties.
    What are the rules on metal detecting on schools and parks? I know national and state parks are off limits.
    Also what are the rules and laws for metal detecting in ghost towns? Thank you

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    Feb 2007
    Springfield, MA
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    Re: Metal Detecting in Orlando and Kissimmee areas.

    Hi mecke28,

    First things first, please ALWAYS fill holes you dig.

    I don't live in Orlando any more, moved up to Palm Coast. Look on a local map for any parks around your house and head over there to see if they have playgrounds. I use my Garrett 250 at the playground all the time and find tons of stuff. Parks with bigger playgrounds that have sand, wood chips or that chopped up rubber are the best.

    Look under the swings and in front and back of them. Also, if they have one of those merry go round things, check around that, every parent has to push that thing around and drops stuff. I spent 30 minutes mining one at a park in Holly Hill the other day.

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    Jul 2006
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    Re: Metal Detecting in Orlando and Kissimmee areas.

    Like JackInFlorida says, look for the playgrounds, most city and county parks and local neighborhood parks. Check the swings and the base of the slides as well as any bars for hanging, monkey bars, pullup bars and so on.

    I prefer beach hunting, but since I am about 1:15 mins from the beach I hunt the parks and playgrounds during the week in Orlando. My job requires me to drive all over central Florida using an online map program with gps, ever time I pass a park, playground, vollyball court, sidewalk tear outs, lake beaches, neighborhood park or houses be demolished, virtually anything that looks interesting I put a tag on the online map program I use, using a code (PG, VB, BH, SW, PK etc) to describe what it is.

    I save the map file in two seperate files one on my pc and one into my yahoo briefcase so I it want be lost in a hard drive crash. I litterly have at least a hundred tags now in that file now, and when ever I finsh my day, if I want to hunt I check the file for the closest place to hunt.
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    Aug 2007
    Garrett Ace 250
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    Re: Metal Detecting in Orlando and Kissimmee areas.

    Thank you Jack and Treasure_Hunter for your help. I really appreciate it. I could use as much advice and information about metal detecting as much as possible. I've been so busy with work that my only day off is Sunday I'm hoping to metal detect on my yard that day for starters, and then we shall see where I go next.

    Thank You, Mike



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