Tech question of gps
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Thread: Tech question of gps

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    Tech question of gps

    Hello all, I started thinking about the gps apps for phone and then the stand alone units. I just wondering if there is no cell phone coverage in the desert then the gps downloaded on the phone is useless no? The handheld units use satellite signals as opposed to cell towers or am I wrong about the apps on phones. I want to buy a gps unit for mapping a claims' long/lat. coordinates. Thanks for any all info.

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    Satellite based gps is definitely the way to go.
    The phone will not function when way out in the sticks.
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    Bill Jones

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    I"ve wondered the same thing. I think standard8 is probably right on.

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    Cell phones use A-GPS when there is a cell connection, but use GPS when there is not. Phones have the same receiver as handheld GPS units. So, cell phones still get GPS coordinates when not connected to a cell tower.

    There are several Satellite tracker apps that give you the GPS location using the phones GPS system, not the cell or internet position. The app GPS Status seems pretty good. Read the comments on the apps, some have many, many ads.

    If you want maps while offline, you need to get an offline map package. Many trail programs have this. Usually there is a cost for these. I think Google Maps has an offline package.

    You can get a GPS receiver for your phone that does not rely on cell connection, if you need to be really accurate.
    There are external blutooth GPS units.
    For Android, use a bluetooth GPS unit..

    Bad Elf is another...these are used for General Aviation pilots for the aircraft, and for boat owners

    You can add a WAAS puck to a laptop a much cheaper option
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    The GPS chip/antenna in cell phones suck weak tea. Often the phones use cell tower triangulation when they could be using GPS. I wouldn't rely on cell GPS if I was out in the woods for a bunch of technical reasons but I think they are fine for getting you near to the local Walmart or McDonalds.

    Don't risk your life on a cell phone GPS. Some models do have real GPS but they are an afterthought crammed into a few square millimeters and they rely on antennas optimized for other signals.



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