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    Apr 2007
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    Garmin eTrex Vista

    Made the dive into the GPS world today and purchased a Garmin eTrex Vista at the base exchange, so far seems really easy to use and looks like it will come in handy in some mountain areas I would like to detect that were once locations of old railroad and logging camp areas. Does anybody else use this type of Garmin and have any pros or cons about the unit they would like to share?

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    Re: Garmin eTrex Vista

    i have used a Garmin e-trex along with terrain navigator software for about 5 years now and have been well satisfied with it. You can exchange waypoints, routes and tracks easily. I just print a map of the area of interest, using utm coordinates, and carry with me. I also carry and use a compass.

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    Re: Garmin eTrex Vista


    Have had a GPS unit for several years, have not used it in Mding but check out and open the world to another hobby.

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