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Thread: 187 B&W VIETNAM WAR PHOTOS - from the free table , at the dump .

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    Mar 2013
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    Thank you for saving these. On the one's posted there were a lot of familiar things but little I actually recognized - except for the MACV patches. These pictures were apparently several years prior to my deployment. I still have a box of pictures I'd taken, but I look at them now and recognize very little.

    These are lost memories and meaningless to strangers.
    Republic of Vietnam 10/69 - 3/71, Cambodia April 27, 1970 on a mountain top with HUGE scorpions

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    Nov 2017
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	007.JPG 
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    I still have my pix !

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    Mar 2009
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    Thanks for saving these. Some folks just don't have a clue...
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    May 2012
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    Great save!! About 20 years ago I bought a box of photos from the estate of a WW2 vet, and contained within the more usual wartime and postwar pictures were a bunch of nudes of what I presume were Filipino prostitutes! Probably not appropriate for a 4th grader but what can ya do

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    Oct 2014
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    Nice finds and a great save!
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    nomad roman numeral 2

    Nov 2009
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    thanks guys for your service and making this country everything it stands for
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    Aug 2012
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    I love saving old pictures. Those should never see a trash can. Good for you for saving some very important history.

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    Aug 2014
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    Nice catch.
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    May 2009
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    We found some Vietnam photos way back in the 70's. We should have left them at the dump. Gruesome beyond belief.

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    May 2008
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    Have a few from my father in law. I think they are from the Korean War. Some grusome photos, but can not toss them out.
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    Aug 2009
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    Thank the money hungry politicians for esculating a war for no reason except to put money in their pockets.
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    Dec 2018
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldiver View Post
    Sad to see someone's service memories in trash, I'm sure it happens every day though. Thank you for saving this history and sharing with us.

    My sentiments, exactly. I have a photo of my grandfather in the 80s wearing his old WWII Navy uniform. When I asked recently what ever happened to that uniform, I was told he threw it away after taking the picture. Probably thought no one would care about it, but I would give a weeks pay to have it in the family.

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    I was attached to the 452nd Tac Hospital unit at March AFB between '63 and '69. I was an Operating Room technician. I never had the desire to take pics of my work area but I did take pics on two frequent occasions: (1) Those taken of C-119's coming from NAS Alameda while landing and unloading the wounded; and (2) pics taken of B-52s practicing takeoffs,'go arounds', 'touch and gos' and landings. Today I could find similar pics on the internet faster than I could find mine--if I even still have them.

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    Paul Martin

    Feb 2015
    Scarborough, England
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    What an incredible find. I'm a brit and we weren't involved but I grew up in those days and always watched the news and TV programmes on the war(and still do) Total respect to all you guys who served your country.

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    Apr 2009
    Fisher F70
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    A good save.

    I just barely missed being drafted for this war. A lot of my neighbors in the country side went.

    My best friend for 30 years of hunting went. I didnt meet him until the early 1980's. He was my best friend and I miss him. Think about him alot.


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