First Garages sales since Covid 19...
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Thread: First Garages sales since Covid 19...

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    First Garages sales since Covid 19...

    I am SO glad to be back on that horse. My Girl Friend and I hit some sales this weekend (lots of Masks). At the first one, as I was walking in, there was a guy walking out with a huge stack of Vintage Board Games (DAMN). I was able to pick up two he left (Paid $1, should get $30 to $40). I was looking around and my Girlfriend was hitting the book cases. I set up next to her, and I saw that bottom 3 shelves of books were all Genealogy books. As I am looking through them, They are hitting values $60, $30, $90, $25. After checking 8 or 10 books, I decide to just buy the lot. He sells me 70 books and 2 games for $40, Of those, about 10 had no real resale value. Some were as much as $400 for a 3 book set. I should easily clear $1000.

    Next sale. Sony Universal remote, a Slingtv, a bunch of stuff. $24 in, should be $500 out.

    An Amazing day. TONS of stuff.

    Anyone else going out yet?
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    I started going out again two weeks ago. The best and only really good find of the season so far: an OOP board game for $10 that I sold on eBay the following weekend for $127.

    Yesterday rained so there were no sales. Today I went to 4 and it was an almost complete bust except for an old globe I got for $5. I also picked up $40 worth of scrap metal and found a Mary Engelbreit figure in a pile of trash on the side of the road that will sell for $30+ on eBay.

    Everyone is still wearing masks because it's required by law here.

    I've said it before here and I'll say it again: I'm really envious of the quality and quantity of the finds you regular members make. The sales and thrifts in my area are 99%+ total garbage, and competition is fierce. While the sales have been sparse, the traffic to them has been very heavy.
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    Iíve been doing quite a bit of online buying, but no sales yet. Iím living between the socialist republic of NJ and NYC so I donít expect any sales anytime soon.
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    Not much here in MI yet either

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    They are starting to peak out here but these are the every week people. The real stuff will be out in the next few weeks It should be very good People are needing money!
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    Anything That Comes Out of The Dirt Is Awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by trdking View Post
    They are starting to peak out here but these are the every week people. The real stuff will be out in the next few weeks It should be very good People are needing money!

    I’ve been keeping really busy with sales but it’s picked up quite a bit in the past 2 weeks. As of 5/15, I had only hit 6 sales since 3/15. After that, every weekend has been 3-5 sales with plenty of great stuff to pick from.

    I was able to keep my sanity by completing a huge stockpile of projects and then selling them.

    Orange County was never much to worry about in regard to this virus crap but people had the bejesus scared out of them. Now that they see the sky isn’t falling, life is beginning to resume to normal. I just hope the 3-4 annual community sales will be organized since we are well past the actual date they are hosted.

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    Sweet, congrats!

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    Great finds!



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