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    Mar 2013
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    New Mark ii

    Just picked up my new Mark II today. I'm not sure if it had some crud stuck to one of the pins on the headphone connector or not but the signal was intermittent at best to the headphones initially. I found myself having to unscrew it to the point where it was just about ready to fall out of the connector before it would work properly. I ended up taking it back to the dealer and he was able to duplicate the problem but after a couple more times of plugging it in and unplugging it it seems to have gone away. Happy enough with that I took the machine home and did some air testing. Wow. I realize air testing, especially with a pi unit, is not all that accurate, but I'm glad I have a sturdy sand scoop. I tested my very large men's wedding band, a small gold ring that I found metal detecting with an Infinium i had years ago, a small diamond stud earring and an aluminum pull tab. My wedding band was a solid signal at 14 in and what I believe would be a digable signal at 16. The small gold ring was solid at 12 in with a repeatable digable signal at 14. The tiny little diamond stud earring I was picking up at around 2 in. sometimes it seemed like three or four other times it seemed like one in for whatever reason, probably the angle at which I was offering the target to be scanned. the aluminum pull tab was for nothing more than to test the Discrimination out. I was able to discriminate out the aluminum pull tab, but, the smaller gold ring was also eliminated. The tiny diamond stud earring was also eliminated. My large wedding band dropped down to a solid 10 inch signal still digable at 12. the good news is, as far as my old ears can tell, pull tabs have their own flavor when it comes to the signal they produce audibly. I want to call it a fuzzy sound, smooth and strong like a ring or coin without a doubt, but with a softer Edge to it. The Rings I tested were far more crisp on the end of the signal then the aluminum pull tab. I think for now at least I'm going to go ahead and dig all of the signals as I plan on having the Discrimination set to zero as I am not willing to miss those smaller gold rings. I'm sure I'll run the Discrimination up a bit in the dry sand but definitely going to be on zero around the swimming areas. I'll let you all know how it works on my Southern California beach as I am headed there tomorrow morning. Low tide 7 a. M., Perfect.



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