Sea Hunter and batteries
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Thread: Sea Hunter and batteries

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    Mar 2013
    huntington beach ca
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    Sea Hunter and batteries

    Checked the batteries before I left the house for the beach this morning and had four solid beeps. After digging a couple of junk deep targets, all of a sudden seems like the beach was almost of void of anything to be dug. I had only been hunting about 2 hours and decided to test a quarter I had found against a bottle cap. I buried each item at 6 in deep a couple feet away from each other and then scanned the targets. Well the bottle cap hit relatively strongly, the quarter was nothing more than a waiver in the threshold. at this point I wasn't sure what was going on, I flipped the machine over into discrete trash elimination and I could hear the quarter then with a nice beep. The bottle cap at that point sounded off with more of a raspy beep so there definitely is a difference in the tone. I just couldn't figure out why I couldn't pick up a 6 inch quarter with a p i machine. I decided to turn the machine off and then back on again just to see if that would clear things up and when I did I received two weak beeps indicating the batteries were about shot. I guess what I'm saying is the next time I go to the beach I'm going to have 8 batteries in a baggie in my pocket. it just seemed bizarre to me that first thing this morning I have four strong beeps and two hours later I'm down to two weak beeps. it's just that there is very little warning, it seems to go from fully charged to fully discharged in a very short amount of time when the battery use are on the downhill side.

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    Jul 2013
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    I put brand new batteries in every hunt. Iíll put the half dead ones in a drawer and use em for the TV remote. Even if i only went for a few hrs hunting, I change em out. Always carry new bats in your pack. I only use Energizer or Duracell.
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    Sep 2018
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    I just got my Garrett sh m2 about 2 months ago. So far I've logged about 25 hours with it. Yes I'm logging all my hunts. Because of other fatherly duties my hunts are averaging about 2 hrs. I just changed the batteries after approximately 25 hrs of usage. They werex the batteries that came with the detector. I would think 20 hours is a reasonable time for batteries to last in this machine. It's a Pi so it takes more juice to operate. And I also carry 2 extra sets of 8 AA batteries in my car. My second to last time out when I started her up I thought I heard 2 beeps. I thought the batteries were low and it was getting dark so I wrapped it up for the day. I forgot to change them and put my detector away for a week. When I went hunting the next weekend I still had the same batteries in. I started her up, definitely heard 4 beeps which was odd because when I started her up I remembered that I didn't change the batteries. Hunted for 2 hours, no problems, jumped to another beach and when I started her up definitely heard 2 beeps, called it a day, went home and changed the batteries.
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