AT Pro 15 KHz V. X-70 3KHz
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    AT Pro 15 KHz V. X-70 3KHz

    Well, my X-70 is 3 years old and the new Garrett AT Pro has really peaked my interest. My X-70 is a killer on silver with the 3KHz coil. I was wondering how current AT Pro owners are doing with the 15KHz on silver finds. I mentioned to the dear wife that I need a new detector and all she said was what I was going to get. Can you say AT Pro!!!!!
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    Re: AT Pro 15 KHz V. X-70 3KHz

    AT PRO and silver? You bet!

    Some of the Johnny-lads are hidden next to trash that has masked it. This is where the Iron Audio ID and unmasking abilities of the AT PRO really shine. When the weather permits there will be more hunters out across the country and the feedback will be some good stories. 3 KHZ is not shabby but how a machine processes the information today with micro computers and imbedded design makes a do-it-all machine a whole new thing. Look for deep silver being recovered by not one but several posters. The deep dimes recovered will tell you how good it is.

    There are a few silver locations I know about and I left a few in the ground to see if anyone over time has found them. There is more silver out there than people know, they just donít know what they are missing and masked targets are everywhere. Itís like starting all over on virgin ground if you know what you are doing and have the right ear. The AT PRO changed the game so this should be a fun year to read the recovery posts. If you get an AT PRO, I donít think you will miss much and you will enjoy the DD that has a very good geometry for depth and target separation.

    I ran the Xterra70 and it is sweet on gold (18KHZ) but depth was not as impressive as other brands/makes. 3KHZ would be killer on big huge nuggets, but where can you find them? HH. The VSAT does nothing to enhance operation unless you went to the limit and ran a 100 meter cable remote to the control head. I have no need for that feature and technology and I think it is overbilled to impress people who cannot understand why it was included. You cannot make a trailer to drag an array in the desert without some serious modifications to make VSAT a real hunting advantage. It would parallel too closely to proprietary designs VSAT was designed around: looking for anti-personnel mines. The com chipset will not be available to companies like Sunray for the probes they make. It is a defense secret, but that will not stop the Chinese from reverse engineering it. The Chinese can have it but Sunray cannot- go figure. VSAT has no bearing on performance that you can observe and take advantage of. ML should have just stayed with high gain, low noise instrument amplifiers and made coil selection/frequency a menu driven feature. The V3 is a much better approach, Yankee style.

    GPR would make a much more advanced and effective APM sweeping array with a neural network to give real time analysis and alarms, but that is just MHO.



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