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Thread: Master Hunter VLF/TR Featherweight Questions

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    Oct 2005
    XLT, Whites D.F., Treasure Baron, Deepstar, Goldquest, Beachscan, T.D.I., Sovereign, 2x Nautilus, various Arado's, Ixcus Diver, Altek Quadtone, T2, Beach Hunter I.D, GS 5 pulse, Searchman 2 ,V3i
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    Wonder who decided to call it the "Featherweight" model ? Heavy old thing (4lbs 6oz) even without the extra two batteries of the Deepseeker version. Only made an armrest for the Deepseeker and BFO's in the first year or two though there was a three way universal hip mount for all models.

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    Jan 2012
    Pinal Mountains,Arizona
    Garrett Groundhog-2012-1st MD. White's Goldmaster V/Sat-2nd-MD-2013
    219 times
    Mine has the armrest on it held by 2 screw type hose clamps.
    The jeans rivet i found after cleaned up a little,has the words L S&Co, SF.
    I looked online and it is from a pair of Levis,circa 1900 to about 1930.
    It looks like the 1900 series for sure,but Levis changed the rivet some how before,or during WWII.
    I looked at a couple sites about Levis collectables buttons and rivets.

    I just received my adapter for the head phones,i tried it and it worked great. It is a single earpiece,and it uses a 3.5 jack,that is why i needed an adapter.
    Plus because of critters,including bears and rattlesnakes,i wanted a single earpiece,and not double,or complete headphones.
    Plus,people walking up behind me.

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    Jul 2012
    Southeast, Alaska
    Minelab Explorer SE Minelab GP Extreme Garrett VLF/TR Featherweight
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Sorry to hijack this, but I have a VLF/TR question. We just got one and I'm figuring everything out, but so far so good. We have the manual and the groundhog 8"ish coil.

    My question is does the VLF Ground Zero Control do anything at all in TR? And does the TR selector do anything at all in VLF?

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    Jan 2012
    Pinal Mountains,Arizona
    Garrett Groundhog-2012-1st MD. White's Goldmaster V/Sat-2nd-MD-2013
    219 times
    My model is the ADS Groundhog. It has the 2 position switch in the handle.It has the Auto/Manual switch on the lower left corner.
    But the Garrett manual,and the one catalog,describe the same functions.

    By the manual-If you operate in Vlf,with the switch in manual mode,the ground cancel mode is activated,and the Tr,is deactivated.
    And in the Tr mode,the detector will NOT cancel out iron ground minerals in this mode.The Vlf mode has been canceled out.Or,the ground cancel control is non-funtional.

    Also,read the 2 posts from occupant.I also copied and pasted his posts and put them in my binder.I also copied the catalog 1978 from here:
    After you download it,print out pages 7-10.This explains a lot with pics. What i have done is take the Garrett manual,and the pages i referenced,and put them in a thin binder to use as a manual for myself.

    Another easy way for me to remember the Ground Cancel Knob(top left),is this:
    Push sound into ground= High minerals====Decrease knob
    Pull sound from ground=Low minerals=====Increase knob
    So in my terms,since i am pushing the sound,to the ground,i am using a Decreased effort.So i Decrease the knob.
    So,when i am pulling the sound out of the ground,i am increasing my effort,so i increase the knob.
    Hope this makes sense.It is an easy way for me to remember which way to turn the Ground Balance Knob.
    I have only had my MD for 2 weeks now,so i am still learning.Next for me to learn is to use the TR function,to discriminate,or double discriminate to determine to dig,or not to dig.
    So far i have just been digging every sound to learn.
    Except for the double beep,or a long sound all the way across the coil.

    Also,the newer Garrett Scorpion,and the new At pro,use the same hertz(15),and the same knobs,or functions.
    They just took this great machine,and made it a little lighter,and look better for today's models.

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    Apr 2012
    104 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Is Twin Circuit Just Another Name For VLF/TR.

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    Charter Member
    Mar 2013
    SW, VA
    E-Trac Fisher 1260X Garrett Deepseeker ADS III White's Coinmaster Tesoro Royal Sabre Garrett Pro Pointer
    2167 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    You all might note my user name

    And that was with intent! I teethed on the ADS, it was used to death - unfortunately, but it did last through the abuse I put it through from 3 years of hard searching. With that detector I even dug a balled up cigarette pack at 13". The whisper of deep silver was unmistakeable! It's only weakness was in those highly mineralized coal laden grounds.

    I've even considered picking another one up. That beast could be trusted

    Don't listen to the naysayers on this rugged, dependable, soon to be cherished tool!
    "He jests at scars, who knows no wounds" c.s.lewis - 1941

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    Jan 2012
    Pinal Mountains,Arizona
    Garrett Groundhog-2012-1st MD. White's Goldmaster V/Sat-2nd-MD-2013
    219 times
    Just picked up a 10.5 inch coil,new,to add to my groundhog.
    I wonder what ever happened to occupant.
    I have been pming and no answers.
    He said he had lots of tips.

    Got any tips about these 2 items,that the manual does not already describe or say.
    QUOTE: tips on discrimination, determining the mineral content of the ground you're working over, ground balancing for best depth.UNQUOTE by occupant.
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