GTI 2500 at the saltwater beach
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    GTI 2500 at the saltwater beach

    I recently took my GTI 2500 to a saltwater beach near Seattle for the first time. It worked quite well as long as I had the salt elim feature turned on, but went whackyi if not! I notice dthe signals were much weaker than when on freshwater beach hunting. I got many "iffy" targets on the ocean beach that would only ring up in one direction and these were nearly impossible to pinpoint. In fact all targets were much harder to pinpoint than when on dry land. I had a lot of difficulty getting the pinpoint feature to lock in on the primary target, even when repeatedly detuning and moving back over the target area. I found it was easier just to "X" the target than to try to pinpoint in many cases. Since the 2500 is so extremely accurate in pinpointing this was a disappointment, but I can live with it. The detector operated very quietly with minimum chatter that made it a pleasure to use however. Anytime you got a reapeat signal in both directions, the target was there, just hard to find sometimes. My hunting partner was using a Whites DFX, and said he was not having those problems. But in the final tally there wasn't a dimes difference in our finds. I was hoping to draw some type of comparison between the two detectors, but the results didn't bear out much of a difference at all since there really wsn't that many bonafide targets located. Monty
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