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    Dec 2012
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    ACE 250 ISSUE

    I needed another detector like I need a hole
    in my head BUT while surfing on Ebay I see a buy it now deal for a Ace 250 for parts. Description says unit will not power up. The buy it now price is $100with a $30 shipping fee. I notice that it has the small sniper coil on it.

    I offer the guy $70 figuring it would be worth a chance for $100 shipped, he counters for $80 and I tell him I will jump on it if he will lower the shipping to $20 since he is in PA and I am in NY, he agrees and a deal is made.
    I received the detector today and unit does not turn on. I remove batteries and reinstall and the detector fires right up! I turn it off and try to turn it on and nothing! I disassemble the unit and clean up power connections and reassemble, unit powers right up! Turn it off and try to turn back on and nothing!
    I then wait a couple seconds and hit the power button and it turns right on. I then turn it off and try to turn it on and nothing, I wait a couple seconds and try again and it turns right on.
    Now a light goes off in my head, I turn it off and wait 5 seconds and turn it on, works great! So I keep turning it on and then turn it off and wait 5 seconds and turn it on and it works every time. I do this no less than 50 times and each time it powers up no problem. I figure under normal use you do not turn it off and then immediately turn it back on anyways.
    I now take it out in the yard and run it around for a half hour and works great. I put a quarter, nickel, dime, copper penny, zinc penny and gold wedding band in the driveway and it ID's them all. I then descrim them out one at a time and that also works like a charm.
    Just for comparison I turn on my ACE 350 and then off and right back on and it fires right up each time so there is some issue with the 250 but I can deal with it for the price.
    So now I have $100 into the detector and $45 into the 9"X12" coil purchased from a forum member giving me a grand total of $145 into the complete set up and have the Sniper coil to boot for this unit as well as to use on my ACE 350. I am a happy camper!
    If any of you guys out there have an ACE 250 try tuning it on then off and immediately back on and let me know if you have the same issue or not.

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    Aug 2005
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    Good advice for 250 owners.
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    Feb 2013
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    i have the ace 250 and though i try not to turn it off and on my 2 year old does every time im not looking it starts right up every time but all things considerd u have gotten a great!!! deal and i bet ucan find someone to fix it for CHEAP if ya look around a bit



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