AT Pro Light screen" 🙈
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    AT Pro Light screen" 🙈

    Have a AT Pro for backup on rainy days and started it up the other day and the screen is very light and very hard to see.
    also seems like the machine is acting erratic......any info on this? Thanks
    Okinawa Dave

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    I’ve heard this happen to one other person. Not sure of what causes or how to remedy it, unfortunately. Hopefully it goes back on it’s own.
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    Make sure your batteries are fully charged as per the AT Pro Manual:

    With one segment remaining. NiMH rechargeable batteries may be used. Expect 20 to 40 hours of operation depending on battery type and quality.
    Access and replace the batteries by rotating the battery cover housing one-quarter turn counterclockwise. Pull and remove the cap to slide battery holder out. Remove batteries when the AT Pro will be stored for longer than 30 days.
    The AT Pro is a rugged machine, designed for outdoor use in all environments. However, as with all electronic equipment, there are some simple ways to care for the detector to maintain its high performance.
    Battery Level Indicator
    Battery Replacement—The AT Pro is operating with fresh or fully charged batteries when 4 illuminated bars on the Battery Level Indicator (see above) are displayed. The detector will maintain full performance until the batteries need to be replaced. Replace batteries when there is only
    Remove the battery cover by rotating the cover one- quarter turn in a counterclockwise direction. Grasp the cap by top and bottom and pull it straight back. Slide the battery tray out to replace the batteries.

    • • • •

    Avoid extreme temperatures as much as possible, such as storing the detector in an automobile trunk during the summer or outdoors in sub-freezing weather.
    Keep the detector clean. Wipe the control housing with a damp cloth when necessary.
    Disassemble the stem, and wipe it and the searchcoil clean with a damp cloth.
    When storing for longer than one month, remove the batteries from the detector.
    It is best to use quality alkaline batteries. When changing batteries, be sure to replace with all new batteries for optimum performance.
    Replace protective cover on the connector when not using headphones.

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