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    Mar 2005
    Garrett- Master Hunter CX,Infinium, 1350, 2500, ACE 150-water converted 250, GTA 500,1500 Scorpion, AT Pro
    2082 times

    Garrett Gold Stinger Month Is Is Over.....Here's My Results (long)

    I have had the Scorpion for about a month and have used it to find flour gold in out North Saskatchewan river, and also at some of my favorite coin producing areas, both new and currently dropped coins. It also was used at a beach in the dry sand. I used it for 16 different hunts. I logged about 28 1/2 hours on it. The coil I used was the 5" x 10" stock coil. I went through one set of carbon batteries and had to recharge my recharge ables 2 times.

    Now it was designed to find tiny nuggets in mineralized soils, and I just don't have those nuggets in my location. However, I did want to see how it would work as a backup detector to find coins and jewellery. I was quite surprised. I opted to uses my GTI 2500 on some of my hunts, as I know that there are coins in some locations at 6-7 inches, and it gets better depth in motion discriminate for these coins. However, for the more shallower finds, the Scorpion passed with honors.

    The North Saskatchewan River has only flour gold (no nuggets) and no metal detector will pick up flour gold. So, I used the Scorpion to find the areas containing the black sand (iron pyrite)as those usually carry the most % of flour gold. Here are my results "PROSPECTING."

    Here's my total the coins for the hunts. It is no slouch on the coin department either. The Scorpion is especially hot on nickels, the same conductivity as a lot of gold. If you hunt Canadian Coins, the added feature of this attraction to nickels, is that our Canadian Coinage(nickels dimes quarters) are now made of nickel plate over steel. The Scorpion reads the nickel plating.

    The Scorpion has no problems finding lots of older silver/copper coins either. You just have to hunt in true all metal mode and listen for those deeper whispers.

    Here are the 6 rings I found searching school yards and sports fields. If the rings are out there, the Scorpion will find them!

    And the best news........

    There is a special running on the Scorpion. Please call a sponsoring dealer of this forum or other and find out more information. Just click below for the free ticket!


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    Wife + 4 kids (no grandkids yet)Orthopedics RN, photagraphy,writer, build electronic gizmos, previous hot air balloon pilot, coin collector for 40 years.


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    Oct 2006
    Bronx, NY
    Explorer XS/II & Garrett ACE 250
    3 times

    Re: Garrett Gold Stinger Month Is Is Over.....Here's My Results (long)

    Nice haul with that machine!
    The ground is a bank, open up an account with your metal detector.




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