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Thread: Recently Did DNA Testing...

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    Sorry Honey, I can’t. I’ve got plans with my metal detector.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigWaveDave View Post
    I’m reluctant to have this test done.
    Having my dna in a public database could be problematic for a variety of reasons.
    Ok, so yea I was only kidding around, implying a life of crime and a minivan full of unknown children....
    But as it turns out...
    That California killer ex-cop got busted thanks to investigators trolling the data bases of ancestry dot com.

    At least he now knows who his great great great great granddaddy is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigWaveDave View Post
    I’m reluctant to have this test done.
    Having my dna in a public database could be problematic for a variety of reasons.
    Yea, i don't think i really want to know who or what i am related to. As a child i was pretty skinny and given how much i love digging, i fear i may be part earthworm!
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    Dig till you drop!

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    My family memories,as passed down by my father who has never been proved wrong on anything he told us, says 7 siblings came from Ireland to Brooklyn in the 1800's from Ireland.

    It also says a couple of them went on to Australia. My family matching showed a distant cousin, like 3rd or 4th, in Australia which would support that claim. The man said all they knew was a man came walking by one day and asked for a drink of water. He stayed and married into the family. No other data. But it does show the family tradition was almost certainly correct.

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    An American Mutt!!

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    I found mine to be a bit boring. 100% European.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The real treasure is in the hunt....

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    Waiting for mine now. I want to make sure on my Family Tree!

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    I sent in $50.00 for a tracing of my Family Tree and they sent me back a STALK OF BANANAS !!!
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    my daughter gave me a dna kit for Christmas, I have sent it off, waiting on results.

    more to come. thanks, marion

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    Quote Originally Posted by piegrande View Post
    I started with y-marker testing from FTDNA. About all it told me was, yes, my male ancestors were strongly linked to Ireland. I studied a lot. I even wrote a mutation modeling program so I could see how it worked. IF I put my y-markers in the calculator twice, it would tell me the two people, myself, were probably related within the last couple hundred years.

    I learned that I had people of common ancestors in Iceland. That made sense since the Vikings took kids, wives, and slaves back with them.

    Next, I did the mtdna test to find out where my female ancestors were from. Several of my family are very racist which makes for a lot of fun being married to a Mexican woman. I really hoped my first female ancestor was Zulu like Oprah's was. I don't mind at all, but I'd sure like to see the look on their faces. No luck. Europe.

    When Family Matching came out, I bought that, too. That is worth the money. In my jaded opinion, they push y-marker tests for the human migration folks in hopes of passing the testing costs to suckers, I mean citizens. With y-marker they did solve some mysteries. Roanoke Island, the Lumbee Indian tribe today has men with y-markers linked to family of the original settlers on Roanoke, descendants of the family that never left Europe. Which certainly answered that question.

    Family Matching, which produces results similar to Ancestry above is worth the money. It has done things like reunite twin siblings separated by adoption. So far all close relatives who also tested test properly. I did get a close match on a woman who lived in the same part of the state where i was born. She happened to be a skilled genealogist, and found out our common ancestor was the grandma of my paternal grandpa.

    So, whereas y-marker only identifies direct male ancestors, and mtdna only identifies direct female ancestors, Family matching jumps back and forth with no link to sex.

    As best as I can tell our DNA is so complex that every or nearly every ancestor forever supplies a chain of DNA, which will identify places where our ancestors live. My map shows on in Russia, and several in Spain or Portugal, which makes sense, because human migration studies funded by y-marker suckers, er, clients, shows the Irish came from Spain 5 to 10,000 years ago, not Celts at all.

    The listing above makes it clear part of the low probability numbers are not very reliable. So, no, you are not everything, except to the extent that all our ancestors originated in Africa.

    Migration studies seem to show whites were a mutation somewhere in a valley in the mountains, maybe Himalayas, can't remember for sure.
    I am not sure that you understand the term mutation.

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    May 2010
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    When I read your comment, I was concerned that perhaps you were correct. So, I did a search for "DNA mutation", and the sense used in the hits I got pretty well agreed with the way I understood and used it. So, I must theoroze that it may be you who does not understand the term mutation. If you disagree, please explain. Many people learn on these postings, and I am willing to learn if you can deliver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RustyGold View Post
    I'm thinking about getting mine done again with a different testing facility because everyone's test comes back with similar results.
    Long lost cousin Rusty!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primus Palus View Post
    So... I'm basically everything?

    Attachment 1440258

    Jewish and Native American? Haha.
    HaHa Reminds me of This Guy

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    Quote Originally Posted by sprailroad View Post
    Long lost cousin Rusty!
    Hey Cous, what’s up?
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    “Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”
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