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Thread: Need some Help with my Family Tree

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    May 2010
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    Need some Help with my Family Tree

    My family goes back to pre-Mayflower America, on both my mother and father's sides. Having some trouble finding the history of some distant relatives on Ancestry.com, and I'm looking for a paid helper that knows how to get through the roadblocks newbies like me get stopped by. If you can help or know someone that can, I have a budget of $300.00 Here is what I know so far:

    My Partial Bloodline, dating back to the 1300s:

    Robert Leigh died of Plague


    BIRTH 1372 Cheshire, England

    DEATH 26 SEP 1415

    17th great-grandfather

    Robert Legh


    BIRTH 1410 , Cheshire, England

    DEATH 1479 Chorley, Lancashire, , England

    17th great-grandfather

    Robert Lee


    BIRTH ABT 1395 Langley, England

    DEATH Unknown

    16th great-grandfather

    James Ridley


    BIRTH 1402 1673464, Shropshire, England

    DEATH 21 JAN 1479 Cheshire, England

    16th great-grandfather

    Ralph Lee


    BIRTH 1420 Langley, England

    DEATH 1471

    15th great-grandfather

    Sir Richard Leigh


    BIRTH 1446 Langley, Shropshire, England

    DEATH 1508 Willington, Durham, England

    14th great-grandfather

    James Gunn


    BIRTH 1420 Caithness, Stirlingshire, Scotland

    DEATH 1464 St Tears, Scotland

    14th great-grandfather

    Daniel Gunne


    BIRTH ABT. 1460 Roslyn, Scotland, UK

    DEATH 1560 Saintbury, Gloucestershire, England

    13th great-grandfather

    Richard Gunne


    BIRTH 1495 Saintbury, Gloucestershire, England

    DEATH 28 JAN 1587 Saintbury, Gloucestershire, England

    12th great-grandfather

    Sir Richard GUNNE


    BIRTH 1519 Saintbury, Glouchestershire, England

    DEATH 1587 Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland

    11th great-grandfather

    Nathaniel Jameson


    BIRTH BET. 15761580 Massachusetts USA

    DEATH Unknown

    11th great-grandfather

    Philip Fowler Jr. GG 9LT


    BIRTH 1590 Marlborough, Wiltshire, England

    DEATH 24 JUN 1679 Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, British Colonial America

    10th great-grandfather

    James Jameson


    BIRTH 1610 Scotland

    DEATH 21 JAN 1661 Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States

    10th great-grandfather

    William Copp


    BIRTH 1589 Hatton, Warwickshire, England

    DEATH 27 FEBRUARY 1670 Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA

    9th great-grandfather

    John Haskell


    BIRTH 1620 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts

    DEATH Unknown

    9th great-grandfather

    Ebenezer Howard Heywood


    BIRTH ABT 1638 Massachusetts

    DEATH 1690 Salem Essex Massachusetts

    8th great-grandfather

    Capt. Joseph Allen


    BIRTH 13 OCT 1653 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

    DEATH 06 OCT 1724 Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States

    7th great-grandfather

    John Chapman


    BIRTH 24 JANUARY 1702 Charles Parish, York, Virginia, United States

    DEATH 29 DECEMBER 1775 Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States

    6th great-grandfather

    John Chapman


    BIRTH 1750 Virginia

    DEATH 1785

    5th great-grandfather Corporal, Continental Army

    Joshua Morris


    BIRTH 17 DEC 1752 Culpeper, (Orange Co) Virginia, United States

    DEATH 1795 Teays Valley, Kanawha, Virginia, USA

    5th great-grandfather

    Henry Chapman


    BIRTH 1 AUG 1777 Montgomery, Montgomery County, Virginia, United States

    DEATH 22 NOV 1859 Teay Valley, Putnam County or Cabell County, West Virginia, USA

    4th great-grandfather

    Henry Williams


    BIRTH 1790 Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States

    DEATH JUN 1883 United States

    4th great-grandfather

    John Hance


    BIRTH 1820 , , Pennsylvania, USA

    DEATH 16 OCT 1868 , Bell, Texas, USA

    3rd great-grandfather

    James Rowe


    BIRTH MAR 1852 Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom

    DEATH 08 DEC 1889 Walker, Northumberland, England

    2nd great-grandfather

    James Forrest

    BIRTH Scotland

    DEATH Unknown

    2nd great-grandfather

    Edward Paugh Goodwin


    BIRTH 12 SEPT 1872 Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA

    DEATH 6 MAY 1933 Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama, USA


    John G. Rowe


    BIRTH 1887 England

    DEATH 1920 Dolomite, Jefferson, Alabama


    Bartlett Strother Goodwin


    BIRTH 25 JUN 1898 Ravenwood, West Virginia, USA

    DEATH 19 MAR 1967 Miller, Georgia

    maternal grandfather

    Earl P. Soloman
    Florida, about 1900

    Paternal grandfater
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    Dec 2012
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    I cannot help, but I would like to find out where I came from
    you think ancestry is good?

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    Feb 2010
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    Terry, just a shot but have you googled the names? I'd think the Sir Richard Gunne might hit. I did that for Great Great Grandma and found where some distant cousin had done our whole family tree back to 1700. Going back 300 plus years further is cool. Good luck.
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    Nov 2012
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    Terry, I used to do professional research and the easiest way is to tie into somebody else's work. When you get back as far as you have, that's where it normally dead ends. The records back then are not good. My oldest line goes back to Edward I of England.
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    Scotland, Aye !!

    Oct 2004
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    Have you tried contacting your local Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon Church)?
    They probably have been to Cheshire England and copied and archived all the parish records that may have existed 'back in the day'.
    Unless your earliest known ancestor is of prominence (nobility) the chances are great there may be no earlier record.
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    May 2010
    White Plains, New York
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    Thanks all! Yes Jeff, Ancestry.com is a good resource. I signed up for two free weeks, and then a monthly fee if I want to continue. I just got my application for Sons of the American Revolution, so It will be cool to join - something I can pass down to my kids and grandkids. It is $2,500.00 to START with a professional to flesh out your family tree, so, I guess I'll just keep plugging away on my own.

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    Aug 2017
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    Hi Terry.... I'd be happy to help with tips... the best thing I've found is to contact a researcher in the areas of countries you need to research and barter to research for them in the US... they have as hard of a time as we do. It costs You and them Nothing... all bartering, and like was mentioned above, LDS is great especially if you have one in your area... I have one pretty close to me that I could do some research if you need it... Just PM me.

    I did it in Ireland, Italy, England and Sweden... I was able to go back to 1673 before I stopped due to my time constraints.

    All of the researchers I dealt with just said to let them know when I was ready to start on each of our lines again.


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    Jul 2011
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    I research my family & manage a DNA Group of my surname project. Be VERY careful in doing your ancestry trees, etc. Other people's family trees on Ancestry.com, & other sites, are ONLY as accurate as the information they have typed in. There are many mistake in some trees posted on there. If you are certain the individual info in the tree is accurate, it is OK to use it. If unsure, use that info as a " hint " to help you do further research. Written records are proof , so just don't " copy & paste ."

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    Aug 2016
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptEsteban View Post
    Be VERY careful in doing your ancestry trees, etc. Other people's family trees on Ancestry.com, & other sites, are ONLY as accurate as the information they have typed in. There are many mistake in some trees posted on there.
    I know this to be the case. Somewhere is all the genealogy stuff my mother has is part of a family tree going back to some of the French royalty. I was doing some online searching one time and found a warning to those who were using a particular set of relations because there had been some problems found with them. Of course, the problem set was a part of my tree.
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    Jan 2017
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    The Capt. & Keith are correct. You really cannot go by what others had typed in, so many can lead you WAY WAY of course, I had learned that the hard way. They can be like "VDI" numbers, OK as a reference point, but not as "the" answer. As much as you "want" to go further back, you just can not take what others have as though it were carved in stone. Sooooo many same and similar names, places and dates of births etc., the list goes on. I ended up having to delete several generations and more until I learned that. It can be and is very tricky at best. Example might be "Nathaniel Jameson", b. 1576-1580 Massachusetts. If that was a name, date and place from another tree without any documentation, but simply "there", chances are or could be very, very slim. Year 1580 is 40 years Before the "Mayflower" of 1620, then to jump back to England only 10 years later to Phillip Fowler, back to a "Jameson" 1610 of Scotland, a very daunting task, even more so when "Jameson" itself is a common name. It is a interesting, yet very time consuming and often frustrating "hobby". Do remember, just because others have typed in names without "anything" shown to back it up, does not make it so. Lots of time and effort, but sometimes it can be "eye opening" and interesting. Also remember, records ONLY exist if they were ever kept, and then if they survived, otherwise.....?? Great good luck with it all Terry....
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    May 2010
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    Thanks All! I sent away for my DNA kit, and called Ancestry to see if I could get professional help. After reviewing my Tree, they told me it will cost $4,000.00 to track down and certify my family history. WOW! Anyway, I started a go fund me page so my kids can help me out!

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    Ancestry.com is NOT a good place. If someone puts in wrong info it just shows and it still is wrong. Terry PM me your phone number i will give you some info that will get you in the right directtion
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    I use familysearch.org It is free and run by the Later Day Saints. It won't hurt for you to try. I get e-mail from them whenever a possible new ancestor shows up.

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    Terry ... I don't know how long you have been doing family research so I'll base my comments on the assumption that you are reasonably new at genealogy. By the way, this is a fun hobby if you enjoy doing clean research and don't mind going down a few empty rabbit hole now and then. Don't get too far ahead of yourself ... it makes it tough to clean up the messes later.

    You are probably aware of the essential rules: (1) the only thing you can be sure of is who your mother is, (2) you have to question everything until you have solid sources to support your findings, and (3) don't be too proud or too ashamed of what you find. You can be reasonably sure of who your father is if you believe what your mom tells you :-).

    Questions: Do you have a good pedigree chart started (with you as the first person)? Do you have solid records for the generations you can remember?

    I've been doing family research for many years and am happy to share what I know. PM me if you would like and maybe I can give you some good research methods and ideas.
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    May 2010
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    Thank you to the members that have reached out to me with important hints and tips to help me as I stumble through a very tough learning curve! The personal messages, Emails and phone calls have all been fantastic!

    Researching a Family Tree is Hard!!! I had to go back to square one after talking to several of you, and realizing I was making some rookie mistakes. Now I am comparing information from four different sources, including FamilySearch.org, the Mormon Genealogy service. Here is what I know FOR SURE as of right now. We all qualify for the Son's / Daughter's of the American Revolution. Re: John Burch (1750-1818) Rev Pvt VA, my 5th Great Grandfather. I'm tracking down the Civil War and War of 1812 family members now, using muster and pension rolls. Exciting!!!
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