Miscellaneous DNA work, also records.
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    Miscellaneous DNA work, also records.

    My earliest known paternal ancestor (of surname) was born in 1797 in a small village now part of a well known city in Ireland. The only reason we found this out was a brother converted to LDS (Mormon) and after teaching family history, went to Utah and a high ranking official took him into the vault and let him copy that man's data.

    The man had allegedly 7 kids, who all came to Brooklyn, NYC, but perhaps not at the same time, we are not sure.

    my father was told by his dad that two of the 7 went on to Australia, two moved to the same county in the Midwest, and one, well, no idea at all. There were 5 boys and 2 girls. No clues on the girls. But, some days ago, I got a hit on the database of FTDNA (Family Tree DNA) board for a woman, not a young one, in a small town in Massachusetts. She was listed as 2nd to 4th cousin, but I think actually 5trh cousin.

    Someone knew her ancestors back one short of the man I mentioned above, b. 1797. So, I am confident we found another of the 5 brothers. Turns out I have corresponded over many years with her 88 year old dad, with no idea we were directly related. I told her the missing ancestor's name.

    I did get a hit a long time ago on a 5th cousin in Australia, which pretty much had to be one of the two who went on to Australia. Alas, at the time I was heavy into a battle with near lethal SIBO and didn't pay much attention. That e-mail is in a file of 30,000 mails. If I survive the panic on Covid, I expect to dig through those mails and tell him all about his family.

    I also paid for 23andme to see if I can find other ancestral clues. My wife asked me to send in her saliva sample. I am not sure why, because genealogical records show her ancestry among Aztec royalty long before Cortes entered Mexico. Her great-grandma was a Moctezuma But, yes, dear...

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    This is the same family I mentioned in AZTEC GOLD when I wrote extensively on my belief that missing treasure of Moctezuma is about 100 yards from my property line. Her g-g-grandma was a Moctezuma and the property belonged to the Moctezuma family.

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    Of the 1200+ people listed as relatives of my wife in her report, only one is named Moctezuma.



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