WWI ID Bracelet Returned
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    Jun 2007
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    WWI ID Bracelet Returned

    Last summer, I was detecting around a town hall, and I pulled up an older ID bracelet. It had the name, August H_____, USA, and a 7 or 8 digit number. The back said sterling silver. I really didnít know what it was, but I did think the USA looked military. For the heck of it, I went to my car and looked up the name in a phone book I carry. There was a name in the book, August H_____, JR, with an address not too far away. I call the number from my cell, and an older sounding gentleman answers. Quickly I tell him my name and that I metal detect for a hobby, and that I just found an ID bracelet with his or his fathers name on it. Well, he said he is August H_____ JR, so it must be his fathers. I said if he liked, I would bring it over to his house, and he said fine. I take a pic of the bracelet with my cell phone, and then drive to their house. He and his wife were sitting outside at a table, they are both about 75 years old. I show them the bracelet, and the man says he has never seen it before. He showed me his Fathers obituary, born in 1894 and died in 1970. I thought the bracelet looked military, and asked if his father had been in the service. Yes, he had served in WWI, and I mentioned maybe the number on the bracelet was his serial number. I stayed and chatted with the couple for about an hour, they were very nice. They said they would ask some relatives about the bracelet, and I said I would be interested in knowing what they may find out. The next evening they call me. A sister had the fathers service papers, and the serial number did match the number on the bracelet. It was the fathers WWI ID bracelet! As far as he knew, none of the family knew it even existed. I was very happy that I was able to give it back to them.
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    Aug 2006
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    Re: WWI ID Bracelet Returned

    good job mick. and thanks to you and all the other's who take the time to find people and return found items it helps give md'ers a good image!
    Dear Heavenly Father, we have lost our way and we are in need of your help, guidance, and love. We trust that you will provide us with the strength to find our way back to your house.

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    Re: WWI ID Bracelet Returned

    I know the feeling...I did the same thing..

    Well done...................

    GOTTA LOVE THIS HOBBY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Happy Hunting from Des Plaines IL ( D P Bob )

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    Oct 2008

    Re: WWI ID Bracelet Returned

    kudo's to you mick ..that was very noble of you to do this ...

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    Re: WWI ID Bracelet Returned

    Way to go. Nice job.


    Ray S
    Ray S ECenFL

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    Re: WWI ID Bracelet Returned

    Outstanding and great job! HH, Mike



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