Looking For Placer Mining Partner In NC, SC, GA, TN, AL
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    Looking For Placer Mining Partner In NC, SC, GA, TN, AL

    Hello all, I appear new here, but really I'm not. I was a member on this forum back in 2006.

    I am now starting up placer mining for gold in the 4 state region. I am looking to take on a partner(s) to help hit the known areas, and expand into regions that were never searched. My terms are: anyone with me gets to keep everything they find, I will not expect any cut of what you have worked hard for. It means more to me just to have extra eyes and extra hands digging, as well as someone to talk to (I don't like volley balls!) We'll all make our money once a source is secured. There is tons of it around here that has not been discovered yet and I have some good ideas where to start according to local stories and maps.

    As another venture, there is a confirmed fact that the Cherokee had a silver mine in my area and emptied the mine, when settlers were moving into the area heavily. The had transported 20 mule loads of silver to a hollowed out rock cropping and sealed the entrance, it has not been found yet, but the area has been narrowed down to where it is very possible to find it, few have looked for it, as many don't even know about it except for the old timers here. There is also one other area where there is CONFIRMED (not the typical myth) of Confederate coins that were buried at the end of the War Of Northern Aggression. This was confirmed by a historical account of a farm hand hitting a cache of these gold coins, taking the gold and never being heard from again. The farm owner, seeing a hole was dug, began digging out the area wider to see what had been found, and struck 2 more caches of these coins. They were buried in sets of 3 over a 15 mile stretch. Now I just have to find it, to make it a complete reality.

    If this sounds like something you would be interested in, contact me! This is an invitation to anyone who lives in North Carolina and the surrounding states that can travel to where ever the current dig is taking place with relative ease.

    I am in the Western North Carolina area in a small town called Franklin, in Macon County. If interested, please e-mail me or PM me and I will give you my phone numbers where I can be reached.
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