My Woodshop Donation
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    My Woodshop Donation

    As stated in another post, I have updated my Last Will & Testament and have considered numerous gifts to charitable organizations in lieu of gifting to my children or grandchildren,

    I have a rather extensive wood shop that consists of several table saws, band saw, floor drill press, router tables, wood lath, solid maple carvers bench, several hundred clamps, carving chisels, planes, and numerous other hand and electric tools and accessories.

    To be blunt...neither of my daughters or grandchildren are interested or have ever shown an inkling of interest in these tools.

    A number of the hand tools are extremely expensive, and like most of the tools, would be sold in a garage sale for pennies on the dollar.

    What a waste.

    I know my son-in-laws and know that a $150 chisel will be sold for 2 bucks...I can bet on it.

    Ain't gonna happen if I have anything to say about it.

    I have a future brother-in-law who owns the Blue Ox Millworks, a functioning historic wood Mill, servicing the Victorian housing era market. In addition, this mill is a comprehensive school known as 'The School of Traditional Arts' (and a part of the Eureka Unified School District) for high school age kids who are borderline academically and who benefit from the hands-on exposure to the industrial arts program.

    The industrial arts along with numerous other programs are no longer a part of the California school extracurricular programs due to economics.

    I have been to the school numerous times and am impressed by the caliber of the teachers and enjoy seeing the progress a young student makes, the pride they have instilled and self esteem that they have found.

    They are exposed to using all types of woodworking, metal work, foundry, and metal smithing and as a result become responsible members of our society rather than being lost and left on the streets with no skills whatsoever.

    My entire wood shop including my stockpile of exotic woods will be gifted to the school.

    Since I acquired my estate by diligence and hard work, I will then see that its distributed to those that would benefit the most.

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    Re: My Woodshop Donation

    Well good for you!
    Your donation will be cherished by those who consider woodworking an art.
    It is unfortunate that many of the skills that were taught to young people are now being forgotten. I believe that this is one of many reasons for the serious economic disaster we are now facing. American products were once sought after by the rest of the world; not any more. Your generous gift will be a useful contribution for decades.

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    Re: My Woodshop Donation

    I like wood working tools!!!!

    Seriously that is an excellent idea. It pains me to see that the schools have been stripped of the all the shops and no one is learning actual hands on work. My school had a large wood and metal shop and a seperate shop for welding and mechanics. There is one small wood shop now where they make stupid little projects. The reason this country is falling behind is because we are not teaching our children to be productive.

    I have been involved in woodworking professionally and as a hobby since about 10 years old. My trade however has changed dramatically due to computerization (is that a word?). What I use to build with my hands on the bench I now build with a computer and computer controlled equipment. However I am constantly asking myself, How would I build this on the bench? No amount of computer work can substitute for the hands on experience. Least not in my profession.

    Lastly, the tools of my trade are not really being passed on. They are starting to show up in antique shops and antique tool catalogs. And I have not even hit the senior bracket yet.

    Mark S.

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    Re: My Woodshop Donation

    Somehow, we need to bring these traditional skills back into our communities...

    Our future depends on the use of our hands as well as our minds, computers, although important are not the answer for everything...

    There is always that loving touch when you finish a project and are proud of what you have accomplished...

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    Re: My Woodshop Donation

    Good for you stefen. I too enjoy the woodworking hobby. My Dad was a very talented craftsman (not his occupation-just his hobby) and left me all his tools when he passed as he know I would keep the tradition going. Sadly enough I'm like you in that I have no one to leave these tool too that could truly appreciate them (probably be sold at a yard sale/auction).
    I am in the lumber business and know all to well what has happened to our manufacturing base-gone overseas. We need to educate our children more in respect of the satisifaction that comes with building something with your own hands rather than sitting in front of a TV or computer all day!!

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    Re: My Woodshop Donation

    I hear you. My dad and I had a wood shop,we enjoyed making the craft shows. He passed away several years back and we had to sell his place but I kept all the tools. I dont have a shop, but use them time to time. My only child, daughter has no interest in them, so I told my wife when I pass on to give them to a younger cousin of mine. He will appreciate them.

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    Re: My Woodshop Donation

    Great idea Stefen!

    I love woodworking as well, and although I do not have the best of equipment, I do have everything I need, to do just about any project, as I have been collecting and adding to my tools as needed over my lifetime.

    In my will, I have left all of my tools to my oldest son, who is also very good with his hands and while he doesn't have my passion for the craft, he at least knows how to use them and my hope is that one of his sons may even put them to good use one day.

    It's the treasure hunting and gold mining equipment of mine that I value most, and so far no one else in the family shares my fever.

    I think I will leave an encrypted treasure map to all of them, and the one who decodes and finds the spot gets everything I owned except the tools that I left to the oldest. Then only the real treasure hunter among them gets the loot.
    That sure would be fun to watch, maybe I,ll do it before I die just so I can see what happens.




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