Arizona or New Mexico leases
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    Dec 2004

    Arizona or New Mexico leases

    Looking for a lease in New Mexico or Arizona that is under 5,000. Found some on websites but hoping someone who is a member might have one or is willing to share one. Been a member for a long time but have been in South Africa for the last 7 years and have just now returned to U.S. and live in Texas. Very avid hunter, mostly relics and artifacts but got hooked on nugget hunting in South Africa and want to continue. Would appreciate any help or info on areas i might just try for a nominal fee in these states. Will be traveling there in March and staying through August.

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    Re: Arizona or New Mexico leases

    Just a suggestion, you might want to get together with a club in the area that has mutiple known producing leases rather than going on an unknown potentially overpriced lease of dubious quality offered by a property broker. Several clubs in AZ and NV. Also temperature is a condition to be cautious of in July and August out there.

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    Dec 2004

    Re: Arizona or New Mexico leases

    Thanks for the advice, have used clubs in other states for info but unless you are a bonified member they have tight lips on their locations. I refuse to lease from a broker and thats why i posted hoping someone here might know of someone who has a claim for lease. Thanks for the tip on the months weather, planning on going end of March thru June. Want to go let me know i have 3 others going also... this is not our first time doing this, we all have many years in relic hunting, just first time for just gold.



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