Have you dreamed about metal detecting?
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    Aug 2008
    Champaign, IL
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    Have you dreamed about metal detecting?

    How many of you have had dreams - real dreams, while you were asleep - about treasure hunting?

    I got the idea for this topic because it hit me that although I have dreamed of other things important to me - radio DJing and fishing - I don't think I've ever dreamed about metal detecting.

    My radio dreams are nightmares. I'm on the air, the song ends, I turn on my mic but it doesn't work. I try to play a commercial, the machine is dead. I try to start the next song, it won't go. So I'm in a panic, trying to figure out how to stop the dead air. In fact, radio people call this The Dream, and it is very common for DJs to have recurring nightmares like this.

    My fishing dreams are the opposite - they are great. Usually I'm using a new lure I've invented, and I'm catching huge bass on every cast.

    SO - good or bad, what have you dreamed about our hobby?

    If I get enough interesting answers I'll do a podcast on this subject.

    ---Dan Hughes, http://thetreasurecorner.com
    ---Dan, http://treasuremanual.com

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    Dec 2010
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    Re: Have you dreamed about metal detecting?

    I had this dream that all I was digging were button backs. Wait that wasn't a dream, that was last Saturday.

    I have the dreams all the time, they usually involve having to leave just as good things pop up or my batteries die. I also have bottle digging dreams too, but they are just as tempting with glass shards instead of whole bottles.

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    Dec 2010
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    Re: Have you dreamed about metal detecting?

    That's hillarious that you asked that very question. I have laid awake even broke out in a mild sweat thinking of all the undetected world and such little time to cover it. Yes, I have also had a dream or two of an adveturous hunt that had me anticipating the ending to my own dream.


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    Nov 2008
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    Re: Have you dreamed about metal detecting?

    I'm guilty of a couple Dan.

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    Nov 2010

    Re: Have you dreamed about metal detecting?

    I had a night terror in which I got a gold signal, but it turned out to be a rusty screw inside of a condom. Then I woke up breathing heavily and freaking out.

    It was a horrible, yet exciting experience.

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    Feb 2011
    Tesoro Eldorado umax Garrett AT PRO Vibrapaobe Pinpointer Whites Classic III
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    Metal Detecting

    Re: Have you dreamed about metal detecting?

    Had a dream where I was detecting (alone) at a site I was familiar with, and dug a deep signal to find a gold coin. I couldn't see the denomination but could tell it was gold. Then out of the blue my usual hunting buddy appeared and said it was a 2 1/2 dollar and to recheck the hole, so I did and there was more signals in the hole. I just happened to notice that I (all of a sudden) had my 4" coil on, so I could seperate each signal from the one next to it. I dug more gold without really looking at what they were, or cleaning any of the soil from them. After several minutes of lustfull diggin' the dream ended, and I couldn't go back to sleep, so I went to the couch and broke open Lost Treasure magazine for an hour or so...........Sure wish I'd got to cash them in and buy a new machine before the dream ended!

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    Jul 2012
    woodstock ontario
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    i dream about bottle digging all the time but never about metal detecting lol

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    Sargent Dictator

    Jul 2012
    Sterling VA
    43 times
    I had this dream about this farmer burying his loot near this trail by my home, and I go there and sure enough there is a hole in the ground and a shovel. I want a metal detector now...
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    Mr. Schulz

    Mar 2012
    DeWitt, Iowa
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    I had a dream I was finding jars of early halves, then I woke up, and determined it was just a dream..
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    I deal in reality

    Mar 2010
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    Your "The Dream" is a sign of insecurity at work.

    I had a dream that I found this large cache that I have been looking for, but the problem is I spent it all before I woke up!
    Well, most of it.
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    Kentucky Kache
    Yeah, I've had treasure dreams. I even had one where I saw a meteorite fall at a certain place. I wish I could detect there.

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    WolfPack member

    Aug 2009
    New Hampshire
    Garret Master hunter Cx Plus
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    I had a dream a few weeks ago that i won 2000 bucks on a 3 stooges scratch ticket.The next day i went and bought three of them and won 200 bucks on the second ticket i scratched.Wheres the other 1800.

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    May 2012
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    I go to bed and dream about Metal Detecting all the time. Helps me sleep well. I did have a nightmare once where I was detecting on land that I had permission for when it turned out the guy I asked was a burglar that came out of the house when I knocked on the door. The real owner showed up and asked what I was doing and called the cops. I was arrested for trespassing, burglary (yes, I got blamed for it), and my metal detectors seized. Was a horrible dream. But then I woke up. Which was nice . I didn't like jail in my dream. I don't think I would like it in person either.



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