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Thread: Brevard County Florida planning on banning --- UPDATE UPDATE

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    Feb 2007
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    Just to let you know that at least one park that had the no metal detecting sign has been changed. It no longer says no metal detecting. Not sure when they changed it, but it has been done. So far, I have not had any problems with any of the county park employees. So far so good.
    Ray S ECenFL
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    Way to go Ray I use to live in Melbourne and have been thinking about comng back I have been watching this post for some time. I use to go up to the big Daytona hunt and down to the Tcas hunt in Walbasso sure do miss all the fun its a differnt lift here in Oklahoma and Texas lots to hunt but know the laws. Keep up the great work and hope to hunt that way someday
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    This is the same as the BLM (Big Land Monster) out West making areas, no shooting areas.....Really? Its public land, therefore it is mine.......IRS, BLM, DOJ, ....They all need their wings clipping back to the second joint.......
    Respect the research and permissions of others...Seriously...

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    May 2012
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    Bounty hunter 101 Whites Quantum II,White's beach hunter, Bounty hunter lone star 5 other brands not used
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    The people of this Great Nation need to come together nd stomp out Big Goverment, My grandfather use to tell me There was another war of the states and people coming to this Nation and I'm starting to see it People are tired of miss run goverment miss handling of our money and tired of just getting stepped on by washington the day is not far off
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    Mar 2012
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    Based on the many, many cases to hit the national news, Florida should spend its time making laws to prohibit child molestation and prescription drug trafficking. Oh. Wait. They already have those laws. They are too busy monitoring parks for random idiots that don't fill in their holes, instead of enforcing laws that are already on the books. The bottom line is, prosecuting baby rapers and drug traffickers doesn't PAY. Fining people searching for coins... that has the potential to pay.

    Where I am at, the law protects marijuana farmers to the nth degree, even if they trespass on land, and clear-cut a hillside of trees down. Yet, the moment I even think about exceeding the speed limit, I am just about guaranteed to get a traffic ticket. Prosecuting criminal trespass, property destruction, and marijuana cultivation with intent to sell... that doesn't pay. Traffic tickets? They pay.
    I have little respect for the law anymore.

    "Big government" is not the problem. A fascist government, bought and paid for by those who can afford it, THAT is the problem. That is the government Ike warned about in his "military-industrial complex" speech, which Kennedy sought to correct, and which Nixon clearly illustrated beyond any doubt. All societies need government. Government is not a problem. The problem, as always, comes down to money and influence.

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    Dec 2004
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    I recently left Panama City Beach area and ALL parks, schools, churches are off limits to MD's - shallow water and beach recovery using electronic devices has been prohibited also. Before I left, my hobby was restricted to my own yard, friends places and private property (with permission). Florida has gone insane imo...glad I'm gone.

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    Feb 2007
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    This is a side story, but there is a reason for it...

    I sail along Florida's west coast. We also anchor and spend time in various locations. The City of Marco Island enacted an ordinance banning anchoring, with a bunch of stipulations, within the city limits. They were trying to keep us out of the city and perhaps push us into Marina's so they could collect more revenue.

    ONE brave sailor anchored in direct violation of the new ordinance. He dared the local cops to arrest him.

    The city sent the police. He was given several warnings. His response was, "Arrest me."

    They didn't place him under physical arrest. (I think the investigating officers knew the ordinance was BS) They cited him instead, but that was enough to get the matter into a court.

    The case ended up in court and the city of Marco Island took a beating for enacting illegal/unlawful ordinances.

    It was a victory for ALL boaters. The city's are now installing 'mooring fields' forcing us to tie up to the buoy and pay. They are outlawing anchoring near the mooring fields and some cities are trying to outlaw anchoring within the city limits. (St. Augustine Fl) Anchoring is free- city's don't like it.

    Why do I bring this up?

    I've been told before that I'm not allowed to be 'detecting where I was. I know what the law said and that the Park Ranger's jurisdiction did not extend out as far as he thought.

    I told him to arrest me then, or leave me alone. I kept detecting. He said he was going for his supervisor. I told him to just call the local police too. Never saw anyone after that.

    I'm a retired Deputy so I know a little about how the law works. If it's not posted, and it's not on the books as being against the law- That's my answer to them, Arrest me then... That pretty much shuts them up.

    If I get arrested or cited- so be it. I'll start the fight if I'm right. I tired of being stepped on.
    There is no right way to do something wrong.


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