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Thread: How do you catch a THIEF?

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    Aug 2017
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    Quote Originally Posted by ivan salis View Post
    oh its best to camo it up so that its to the side of a trail they use * do not use the flash option as it will give away the cameras location -- a pit fall type "ankle twister" pit is another non lethal favorite --a few foot deep pit say a foot wide and say 2 foot long by 2 foot deep -- covered criss cross pattern wize with thin tiny twigs and covered with leaf debris once stepped upon the foot goes in twisting the jerks ankle --

    if one wants to maim a bit but not kill --use the ankle twister pit with the following-- a chunk of two by four with big nails driven thru it--placed so the points face upward placed at the bottom of the hole --or soda / beer bottles neck down are shoved in the dirt and the bottles busted -- used the bottle one in the past myself once --ugly mess once they stepped in it sliced his foot to bits--and once you find out who got treated for getting their foot mangled at the local hospital you know who was tresspassing --they can not say squat about it because they would reveal their "tresspassing" crime by doing so --uh make sure yer land is very well "posted" )
    Really? Vietcong warfare? Do you have Any Idea what that would do to Livestock, Deer and other animals? Not to mention the property owner or others that have reasons to be on the land.

    He said he wanted to KEEP PERMISSION TO HUNT THERE.

    Ynp...It's probably been suggested but putting camo game cams up high, without flash where trespassers would park to access the property is a good idea. Usually trespassers don't wanna have far to run to their vehicles.

    Look for where vehicles might have parked.... go out there with your partner at night with the cams ready to mount and get in and out fast... you have no idea at this point Who the trespassers are so you can't trust any neighbors.

    Good Luck


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    Thread cleaned, it violates no rules to post on old threads, while there is nothing wrong with pointing out the thread is old, it violates our rules to attack someone because they revived an old thread.

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    I’d say after 7 years of original thread, we might know what became of this trespasser if op pipes back in.
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