what if you find something you werent looking for?
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    what if you find something you weren't looking for?

    metal detecting in a park the other day ,i always bring my kids so the can play on the swings and stuff (its no problem going md'ing if i have the kids) but anyway my wife came out this day and sat a picnic table and watched.
    i noticed something in that grass a distance away so i slowly made my way there to find a brand new badmiten racket and a new pack of birdies .
    i was at the park for about a half an hour by this time and have not seen anyone so i picked it up and placed it at the picnic table where my wife was and continued md'ing for a couple more hours ..all this time no one came to this park. so i took it home with me i figured since this is usualy a busy park that if i didnt take it someone else would , so i thought my kids could use it, but i feel bad in case the owner would return but it had been quite a while by this time but im sure someone else would have grabbed it if i didnt .
    whats your take?

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    Re: what if you find something you weren't looking for?

    It was planted there and they had a camera on you!

    No but seriously, some people were most likely playing, and one of the rackets and some birds got left behind in the grass on accident, they'd figure out the mistake and come back to look for it. Post in lost and found locally, or leave a note that you have it.
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    Re: what if you find something you weren't looking for?

    Stolen from a garden shed or a car and dumped as "unwanted" by the thieves.

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    Re: what if you find something you weren't looking for?

    When i find whatnot(t shirts, sunglasses,sandels etc) and there is no onsite lost and found I leave them on a picnick table in plain sight,so if the owner returns they can possibly get them back.

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    Re: what if you find something you weren't looking for?

    I think Dano's got it right. If someone inadvertently left them there, I'd think they would have been back to get them before SnowDogg left.

    Leaving them on an empty table is the polite and proper thing to do, but really you may as well hand them to the first people you meet, they'll most likely get them anyway.

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    Re: what if you find something you weren't looking for?

    Post it on Craigslist lost and found if you want. Most people I think, unless it's a valuable item, will just get home, notice it's gone and write it off.
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