Importance of filling in holes left by others
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    Importance of filling in holes left by others

    If you ever go to a park to metal detect and see holes left by others please fill them back in. Some of you will want to go over these holes with your metal detector to see if they left any goodies behind. DON'T DO THIS... If a cop drives up while you are doing this they will automaticaly think you made that big mess. Once you fill all the holes and make it look nice and neat then get your detector out of your vehicle and go back over the holes. I have done this before and if everyone on here will do this it's just one more step we can all take to protect our hobby. Good Luck to all, Tom

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    Re: Importance of filling in holes left by others

    I have filled holes in before getting my detector out and have had people( in authority) ask what I was doing. My explanation was good enough to be given the green light to detect when ever I choose to. A couple of these folks asked if I would swing by their neighborhood to find things lost around fence lines bus stops... and got a couple invites to old farms(homesteads).
    Filling holes left by others pays off big time. It's annouing to clean up after other but is well worth the effert.
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    Re: Importance of filling in holes left by others

    I sometimes find holes open, even ones made by myself, that have been re-opened by animals, or the large commercial mowers, that "suck up" and spit out the plugs. Don't always assume that it's a lazy detectorist.



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