Leon County and Wakulla County, Fl maps
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    Leon County and Wakulla County, Fl maps

    While talking with my husband over the phone and I get all excited telling him about this one and that on and their finds on TNet, he remembers all of the sudden, that when he bought this house and moved in, there were some old maps in the attic. He told me he only kept 3 and they are right here in our office on top of the bookshelf). He has been working out of town for over a year now and has been in Morgantown, W. Virginia, around Pennsylvania, Casper & Cheyenne, Wyoming and Tulsa, Ok. (twice in Tulsa). He is a geologist. Does geosteering for well drilling now. Just in the last 2 days he was asked to go back to Cheyenne, Wy. and he said yes, so I will be moving there instead of Tulsa. But back to the maps...... So when I got off the phone with him I pulled down the maps and rolled them open. My oh my Leon County map from 1952, Wakulla Co. from 1949 and Volusia Co. map from 1958. Now I know that's not "Historic" maps.... but indeed, on these maps are some fine stuff. The old Hotels, schools, turpentine stills, tourist camps,seasonal dwellings and etc. etc..I was quite thrilled. I called him back and said "Dude....why didn't you tell me about these before?" After a whole year of talking treasure hunting, and me on a few hunt's and looking for places that are not hunted out...... now he remembers Nevertheless, I hope to put these maps into some good use before I move to be with my husband

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    Re: Leon County and Wakulla County, Fl maps

    good for you, Good Luck
    Treasure isn't always in the ground

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    Re: Leon County and Wakulla County, Fl maps

    Sorry your leaving the Big City!
    Keep those maps maybe you'll get back one day?
    Best wishes on your move!

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    Are you still in Tallahassee? I have many map locations marked on Google Earth, with notes, in your area. Let me know...



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