Newbie from Greenville NC looking for info
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    Aug 2011
    Greenville, NC
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    Newbie from Greenville NC looking for info

    I'm planning on getting a Bounty Hunter Discovery 1100 tomorrow and I'm wondering if there is anyone from the Greenville NC area familiar with any of the local laws/regulations regarding detecting in city parks and such.
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    Jul 2011
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    Re: Newbie from Greenville NC looking for info

    i would say anywhere but state property is fine. Private property obtain permission from land owner and local public parks are usually fair game. Just remember fill your holes nicely and leave no trace you where there besides the amount of trash you picked up! Oh yea and WELCOME!

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    Aug 2011
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    Re: Newbie from Greenville NC looking for info

    One thing you want to remember like the other person told you is don't leave a mess when you're detecting. When detecting in a park or any public area like a school yard always try to leave as little evidence that you were there as you can. If the target is over 2 inches deep and you have to dig a hole, dig a square on 3 sides and lift it up leaving the fourth side intact so as not to kill the grass. Go straight down 90 degrees with your trowel instead of at an angle or the flap you create in the ground will not stay in place when you put it back down. Lay a cloth towel beside your hole and put all the loose dirt that comes out on that towel. Use a pinpointer to help you locate the target and then retrieve it. Before you lower the flap back down, lift the towel up carefully and pour all the dirt back into the hole. Then put the flap back in the ground and step on it. If a park is well manicured and the grass looks like a golf course, I leave those areas alone and look for areas where there are combinations of bare ground and grass. Some folks will get upset if they see you digging in an area thats well kept and manicured. I don't dig in graveyards or any area that might be off limits. If uncertain of whether to hunt an area or not, always get permission from the owner first. All it takes is one person to make metal detecting banned for the rest of us. Not being tacky, just a fact. Like the boyscouts, always leave an area better than you found it and you won't have anything to worry about. I usually pick up the trash I find in the areas I go and throw it in the trash barrels. Good luck and I hope you find some neat finds.

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    Re: Newbie from Greenville NC looking for info

    Always check city codes too.

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