What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?
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    A swingin' fool

    May 2005
    Hudson Falls, NY
    White's Spectrum XLT---Tinytec Ultraluxe probe
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    What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    Just wanted to know what got y'all into this wonderful hobby. I'm sure this has been asked before but it time to refresh this subject. Besides, it might further inspire some of our newer "diggers" here on the forums.

    What inspired me: The National Geographic special: Atocha: Quest for the treasure back in 1986. I've seen that special about 50 times on VHS no doubt, I was only 14 then... Then in 1991, while I worked at a scuba diving shop in California, I picked up the book: Treasure Recovery from Sand and Sea by Charles Garrett. Even though I have never hunted on sand or sea, I was hooked.

    I was finally got my first detector in 1995, a Fishers CZ-20, and yes, while I owned it, I still never did any water hunting.... I unfortunately has to sell it a few years later to help others in need during Christmas. Then in 2003, my wife got together with family and friends and secretly got me a White's Spectrun XLT for my birthday. Yes, my wife is the greatest treasure that I've ever found.........

    The floor is now open.........

    GL & HH,

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    Jul 2005
    Close enough to the beach
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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    I saw a Whites commercial on TV. Then I thought, "I like finding things, I can do this." Then I remembered that my dad had a detector when I was a kid. Unfortunately, I was too busy playing baseball back then. I went on whites website and found the closest dealer and bought a Garrett, go figure. That was a little over six years ago. One of the best decisions I've ever made.
    Time is nothing, timing is everything.

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    RVing Detectorist

    Nov 2005
    Fort Dodge Iowa & Aransas Pass Texas
    Ace 250
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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    I too would see the White's commercials and wonder if maybe it would be an interesting venture. But it wasn't till about 2 years ago, while visiting my Mom in Florida, we were watching a Travel Channel special on Treasure Hunting. After a segment on beach hunting for Spanish shipwreck jewels and coins, Mom said "Now maybe there's a hobby you should try".

    Upon arriving home I began researching MDing, and within a few weeks was in the hobby; and I've been hooked ever since

    Thank you, Mom

    Dick from IA
    Dick from IA

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    Dec 2003
    Western Schuylkill County
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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    My Grandmother.

    She used to spend her Winters in Florida, Searching the Beaches with her 3rd. Husband, back in the early 60's.
    When they would come back home for the summers, I borrowed
    her detector, and my first find was a 1919 Wheat.

    That was all it took

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    Jun 2006
    33 times

    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    I was strictly a bottle digger untill 1972. That year I caught a 52" rattlesnake while I was out looking for bottle sites. I give the live rattler to a local man and in turn he gave me a logmarker from a local lumber camp. I was hooked. It was a very interesting relic. I had never heard of such a thing. Since '72 I have been digging lumber camps, and an occasional mining area.

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    May 2005
    50 times

    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    Think I was "inspired" because I had nothing
    else to do

    have a good un..............
    In the academies many books, at the circus many sacks of peanuts, at the club rooms many cigar butts.

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    Feb 2004
    12 times

    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    When I was a kid my dad and some of his friends would sit around the camp fire and talk about stories of lost Spanish Gold and hidden treasure. We would also you to the mountans and search for gemstones and fossils. I got a cheap Radio shack MD at 9 years old for a present and have not looked back.

    I was hooked.

    I am looking for Pandora's Box. I have got to see what is inside.

    Proud to be Rogue.

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    Digging up the Past

    Oct 2004
    Dayton, Ohio
    Fisher CZ5
    8 times

    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    The neighbors across the street from me had everything you could imagine. My best friend lived there and one day he showed me a little Radio Shack detector. We fired it up and began digging all manners of stuff on there farm. I was hooked and I upgraded to a used whites, then a Tesoro and another Tesoro and another etc.(bigger and better each time) and then one day a Fisher CZ-5 and I haven't looked at another machine since. I'm 38 and have been at it for 25 years.
    Dayton Diggers, Historical Research & Recovery

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    Jun 2005
    3 times
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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    Well my uncle is one of those guys who is always trying the get rich quick schemes. Well he thought he was going to with his garrett gta1500 (at the time it was pretty much the best detector out there) and I was a young kid and of course I was curious to the things he would dig up. Well one day he let me use his cheeper detector which was a Bounty Hounter and off we went. We went to an old school that dated back only to early 1900's and he showed me how to work the machine but told me to dig everything.. After a little luck with some wheaties I went over by a large pinetree and got a signal. I dug a plug and some some silver. I never saw a coin that looked like it,and that was so tiny. I read the date 1855,I started jumping up and down with excitment and my uncle ran over thinking I was getting stung by bees.It ended up being a 1855o seated halfdime. My first day of detecting and to this day is the oldest silver coin I have dug.

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    Gypsyheart~ Queen of Rust

    Nov 2005
    270 times

    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    When I was young,my dad subscribed to Lost Treasures ,Old West and whatever other magazines there were on treasure. I would pour over them and read them till they fell apart. I was always a hunter...always finding stuff and loved looking in old houses and buildings. I loved looking for treasures and wanted to be a pirate growing up. I read everything I could get my hands on about lost treasures and ghost towns .
    I go a great distance,while some are considering whether they will start today or tomorrow

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    **Bring History Back to Life**

    Nov 2005
    Keep on Digging!
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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    Like most people, I have seen metal detectors while growing up. My father also had one but at the time it never really interested me, so after many years and finally purchasing one a little over 10 years ago . I would detect the beach that was it, until 6 years ago I joined a club and learned a little more about relic hunting. so knowing there was a very old cellar hole on some property we had in our family I decided to go there one day with my son and whites XLT detector found a Civil war Medal that just made me see the light and Detecting and treasure hunting was in my blood now and forever!

    Keep on Digging!

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    Apr 2006
    25 times
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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    I think when I was 6 or 7, my folks got me one of those Jetco cheapo detectors. Found a few pennies in the yard that I can remember. Then, when I was about 10, in 1971, I saw my neighbor detecting at my elementary school. I followed him around several times that summer and he finally let me swing his detector for a minute. My first signal was a Mercury dime, he kept it but I am forever grateful to him for allowing me to bug him so much. We used to go bottle digging too when I was in my teens. I always try to remember how nice he was to me back then, and try to be that way to the kiddies that follow me around now. I would love to be their inspiration for a lifetime of TH'ing. I finally got my first good detector, a Compass Coinshooter I think, when I was 14. Been a finder ever since.

    "I'm a finder, not a loser!"

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    The Money Pit must be the Titanic of empty holes and empty wallets.

    Apr 2004
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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    well Loyd Bridges on Seahunt in the '60's probably gets the credit.
    But actually buying a MD - a dream of lost plunder in a house that
    was owned by a friend. When I told them about it - they said two
    other people had similiar dream about the cache when they stayed
    over a weekend.
    Now what are the odds? *L* Still looking but my hopes are fading
    fast on this one! I did find evidence of where a rectangular box
    had been buried in a bake-house hearth mud floor. Perhaps it had
    already been found!
    Everybody has an opinion - this is mine. Humor will be part of that opinion. I've found things - some can only dream about. Some was pure luck, some was pure knowledge and skill. After 40 years at MD'ing (off and on), I know a few things about finding treasure lost in the ground. As a retired software engineer, I now have unlimited time on my hands. Life really doesn't matter unless you are true to yourself and in your dealings with other people.

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    Systems Network Manager

    Mar 2003
    Explorer II, X-Terra 70 & Excalibur 1000

    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    I was always a hunter of sorts but I didn't get into detecting until I was stationed in Monterey, CA. I just thought it was neat thing to do and I bought a Radio Shack detector. Found a cent here and a cent there at the one to two inch range. After Monterey, I was sent to San Antonio and upon lots of reading in TH magazines realized that I needed a better detector and purchased a Fisher 1220 X. Boy, did I start finding good stuff then. That was a good detector and it was that detector that found my 1902 Barber dime. I still have the detector in my garage. I have since moved up to better detectors but that Fisher brought me years of fun, fun, fun. Which is probably why I got into this hobby, FUN. The great people I meet during my TH endeavors are just a side benefit to the hobby.

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    Re: What inspired you try treasure hunting/metal detecting?

    I am just starting out so I don't know if I'll get hooked like many have. Even though my detector is a POS, my friend is a White's dealer and he has gone out with me three times and let me use his MXT Demo. So far, I really like that detector. Between us we have many sites to check. Being long time locals helps and he knows a lot about the history around here. I live near the dairy that my great-grandfather started in 1908 and the property had a road house on it before that. It is still in the family. We already found part of a very old rifle there. I used to be a Chief Engineer on a oceanographic research vessel that was a support platform for a deep sea ROV so that background has helped me to appreciate MDing. I think this may progress to some underwater MDing since I dive and like the water. Anyway, I like the technology, researching and the hunt. Treasurenet has been a great resource and I've learned a lot with all there is to read.


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