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Thread: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

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    Mar 2012
    Metal Detecting

    best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    i currently own a fisher f2 and im looking to upgrade to something that can pick up coins better and deeper, i have a few options and im looking under 800.00 what would the best coin hunting machine, i was thinking possibly the fisher f4, f5, f70, teknetics omega 8000, Teknetics T2, used minelab safari, minelab 705, explorer II , garrett at pro, garrett gti 1500 etc. any info on the best coin hunting machine, fastest recovery, would be appreciated thank you!

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    Charter Member

    May 2011
    Western Mass.
    Whites M-6 W/ DD6x10 SunRay DX-1 (A real sleeper)
    12322 times
    The one everybody else missed.

    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    Whites M-6 - Hands Down!!!!!!!!!! God Bless Chris
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    Jul 2010
    Central Florida
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    39 times
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    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    You will get about 100 different opinions.

    Honestly, you really need to research this one a bit.

    I'll vote the Tesoro Golden u-Max.

    Don't even worry about notching. Just run with discrimination low to get maximum depth and dig all the high tones.

    That simple.

    If you want nickels and "zincolns", dig the mid tones too, but you also start getting some garbage like pulltabs.

    Now only about 98 different opinions to go!

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    Oct 2011
    Fisher F-75,Teknetic 8000, At pro , At gold,Tesoro Sabre Compass X-80,fisher cd3z, goldbug2 , Garrett 250 ace 150 ,Fisher F-5,fisher 553,Teknetic 2000,fisher f4 Tesoro lobo,, silver Umax, ace 350
    9 times
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    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    Nothing no better in the price range of the Fisher f-70 great depth.

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    Sep 2011
    14 times

    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    Golden Umax, heck any one of the tesoro's scream when there's clad under the coil, makes it hard when primarily looking for gold.

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    Feb 2009
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    973 times
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    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    Stick with fisher, buy a brand new f70.
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    Mar 2009
    Fisher F70 with 11"DD coil, CZ-21 with 10" coil, Fisher 1265X
    12 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    I also use the F70 and love it. In my soil with the 11DD coil it competes exceptionally well against the four digit $ machines. Which part of the country do you detect in?

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    Aug 2009
    Sacramento Cailifonia
    V3i DFX MXT Excal II D2 6x10 950 4x6 & dx-1
    261 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    I dont use those other weapons but for a Whites in that price range the M6 is a coin killer with good depth too
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    Feb 2011
    Strafford , Missouri
    Minelab Sovereign GT / MineLab X-Terra 705
    10 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    I used the Minelab 705 and I have to say that in hunting coins and relics it did very well .
    And with all the coils and frequency's with the coils it would run it made it very useful in just about any place you wanted to hunt.
    For being under 800 USD it was a very good machine . I was happy with it .
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    President of BCDC detecting club in PA

    Aug 2011
    Pittsburgh, PA, USA, Earth
    V3i, Etrac, AT Pro, F2, T2, Xterra 705
    211 times
    Metal Detecting

    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    Don't underestimate the AT Pro... I bought one a few weeks ago as a back up to my E-Trac (for when it rains)... and here's 2 pics of a 1/2 hours at a local park. I ran it as hot as it would go (sensitivity all the way up) and thru some chatter it hit HARD on coins. 11 coins and one was a silver 1946 dime.

    Is it better than my E-Trac for coinshooting? heck no! BUT....

    I got a strong hit on the quarter (in the pic), dug a nice V-cut, flipped it back, put the Pro Pointer in, stirred around like some soup... NOTHING! started cussing about garrett, the hype, stupid pinpointing never center, garbage detectors, etc... ran the AT Pro back over the hole, STILL HIT!... dug down deeper and BANG! the quarter! I was pretty shocked! The Pro Pointer didn't pick it up cause I was in a 4" hole-or-so... and the quarter was about 10" ! ! ! I had to dig deeper for it to hit it!

    waterproof...waterproof...waterproof... over and over.... the AT Pro is actually a pretty darn good and deep machine! I think I have a great duo now! E-trac as my main, AT Pro as my back up, and my F2 as my loaner....

    I heard a lot of F70...F70...F70...

    I would consider the F70 too, even tho I never used/seen one. I own a Fisher F2 and think it is the best-bang-for-a-buck-and-then-some for a $200 detector and have actually found some great stuff with it! I also had a Teknetics T2, which is almost a cookie cutter F75, and it was VERY impressive, even more with the SEF 12x15" coil, but decided to keep the E-Trac instead of it. The F70 is the step below the F75 and above the F4 and F5, and I bet the F70 is amazing! it has to be!

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

Name:	AT Pro day 1 finds.jpg 
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Name:	At Pro first silver.jpg 
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    Oct 2011
    AT PRO
    13 times
    Metal Detecting

    Re: best coin hunting metal detector under 800.00?

    atpro is a very good coinshooter and goes really deep HH

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    Mar 2010
    Very under rated detector is the new Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro, at walmart you can buy this detector for $253.00 and msrp is $449.00 This will compete with the high end mid range detectors. Has all the bells and whistles.

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    Jul 2010
    223 times
    Isn't this thread like 3 years old?
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    Jun 2014
    Garrett Ace 250, Minelab Xterra 705
    44 times
    Digging Trash
    I second the Minelab Xterra 705. It has the flexibility and depth of machines twice its price.

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    Nov 2013
    Cincinnati Ohio
    XP Deus, Garrett ProPointer
    1228 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I like old threads. This one is still relevant.
    Why... Cause now, 3years later, Minelab ETRACS are readily available for $800. In great condition too.
    Peace ✌
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