Any comments on joining "Ring Finders".com
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Thread: Any comments on joining "Ring Finders".com

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    Feb 2012
    Rhode Island
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    Any comments on joining "Ring Finders".com

    Hello fellow hunters. I came across the website while doing some research on Craigslist. I am looking to offer my services to those who have recently lost an item. I also believe that belonging to this group may open some doors for me as far as gaining permission to hunt on private lands. Is there anyone here that belongs to this group, and if so, have you been contacted by anyone to find an item?. Their membership charge is 40.00 (U.S) for the year, and they are worldwide. I was just wondering how much exposure they actually get.
    Thank you for any input.

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    Jan 2012
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    there are a bunch of guys in the new england area I think on there
    I have made many returns over the years - to pay to join to make returns -
    I know guys on there that get around $25- $50 a return
    unless it is a big diamond or platinum - also know guys that got ripped off
    one guy was told he was going to get $2000 reward for ring loaded with diamonds
    he found it - showed owner at their front door - they grabbed it - and slapped a $20
    bill in his hand and slammed the door
    so if you want to get into to the "Lost & Found" dept. - make up a contract
    and have owners sign an agreement - reward to be paid - gas & expenses-
    if you are to be paid for looking but not finding etc
    I personally have never taken a dime for my returns
    if I want to search for a lost item - I either do it or dont do it
    if I find a ring - I determine if it can be easily returned or not
    and take it from there
    just protect yourself if you want to do this as a side line
    make sure you get real good descriptions
    knew a guy that gave a ring to wrong people and owner came up and asked
    where there ring was - awkward
    I had a guy tell me he lost a wedding band that was = yellowgold -whitegold - yellowgold
    I found a = whitegold -yellowgold - whitegold = one
    I asked him again before showing it and went over a few times
    I then told him what I had - and he said - yeah thats it !
    I said no you said - blah blah blah
    and he said - oh I got mixed up
    I said - no no - you just heard the owner/loser tell it wrong
    and youre a liar - beat it
    he put his head down and walked away
    I know others that knocked on owners doors and opened their hands
    and hand rings snatched and doors slammed too- like I said - protect yourself
    if you make a deal for money - get the money and then hand the ring over
    or bring a witness with you
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    Jan 2012
    16290 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Oh yeah - see post below on "making business cards"
    I made a few on MS Paint - but went to Vistaprint and got some others done
    hand them out to life guards - pin them up at super markets and other places with bulletin boards
    or make a flyer instead to pin up stating that you find and return items
    Motto = "I try to hit where others cant or others wont "

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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    The "ring-finders" is sort of like a "franchise" (might be a poor choice of words) where you pay to get put on this list. It comes with some "training" (some printed materials and perhaps a instruction video, blah blah). And the cost also allows you to be put on their website listing (for supposedly when others go there, to find someone in their own locale to search for something). And you get a sub-page listing on their website where you can put your own specifics.

    The only problems I have with the site are

    a) that if you read the advertisements they post (C.L., for instance), I believe they advertise "free" for persons who want to use their services. However, when you read the fine print, they ask for a "minimal call out" to cover gas and time (or something to this effect). While there is certainly nothing wrong with charging for one's time, yet that is not, therefore, "free", now is it? This is merely a semantics problem, but one that could be seen as odd from potential customers.

    b) there is nothing to stop anyone, anywhere, from paying his money, and getting this label. There is simply no way for the creator of this organization to go around and check out the credentials of everyone getting on. So they might be an advanced hunter with years of experience, or they might be a rogue beginner with a $19 radio shack unit. However, the RF website will tell you (the prospective customer) that you are getting an "experienced professional" (or something to that effect). I don't know how the creator can fix that problem, because it's true, there's simply no way to go around and test or interview everyone.

    You can probably mimic everything there, by simply running your own CL ad "Metal detecting services offered" on the Lost & Found section of your local CL. I'm sure there's benefits of having a label to yourself (as an air of credibility) though.

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    Nov 2008
    kingston ny
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    Try Lost My Stuff Group they dont charge any membership at all

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    Feb 2012
    Rhode Island
    Fisher CZ-21 - W/Stealth 8 - Pro Pointer
    3 times
    Shallow water and Coinshooting
    Thanks for the repilies. My intent to joining (which I have not yet) was not to make money at it, as if I find a returnable piece I would do so free of charge. I was just thinking that belonging to such a group may help in gaining permission to hunt some privately owned properties. And I do agree that there will be some shady characters out there who would claim an item to be theirs.
    HH all.

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    Mar 2012
    Spring TX
    CTX3030/F75LTD/ Garrett AtPro/ XP Deus
    1000 times
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    As Fmerg said, LostmyStuff dot net is a great choice as long as you don't want anything for your time. They aren't supposed to ask for a fee. John has done a good job gaining members worldwide.



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