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Thread: Dont like American Digger? Why not say it!

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    Don't like American Digger? Why not say it!

    How about we make it known in our signatures? I'm not sure if Google hits on them but I hope.

    So who's in?

    Probably best to mention Spike or that it's the tv show so people don't confuse it with the magazine which is entirely different. To edit your signature click "settings" at the top, then you'll see it on the left side of the page.
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    I deal in reality

    Mar 2010
    XLT , surfmaster PI , HAYS 2Box , VIBRA-TECTOR
    2947 times
    Name:  hand print-2_edited-3.jpg
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Size:  39.7 KBI hate to say this, Iron Patch, but I like American Diggers. I view it as a kind of commedy like Pickers and Auction Hunters, and even Pawn Stars which has a bit more realism. I think the average viewer also views it as entertainment and the high prices quoted for the finds just might get some THs in some areas because the payback looks good. They have followed the "rules" so far, asked permission, split with owners, and left no hole unfilled, something some other THs have neglected to do. Lets get down to specifics, just what are they doing wrong?

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    Dec 2003
    Western Schuylkill County
    MINELAB EXPLORER SE PRO ....... Garrett Pro Pointer…… Sovereign XS-2 Pro ....... Deteknix Xpointer Diver.... Fisher F19
    24362 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    Well I would disagree with you about Auction Hunters being any more real as I see it being pretty close to as ridiculous.

    I also look at American Diggers as comedy relief, and that's great for us that know better, but this very distorted view of the hobby (AND US!) is eventually going to trickle down to a lot of land owners and make permission harder. I could write many things that is wrong with the show but I think it's pretty obvious to all of us, but if I had to pick one moment it would be him hitting the water line and saying it was a common occurrence. That I didn't really find funny because to me it says they're more than willing to sell out this hobby in any way to cash in. So since they are happy to sell me out I'll consider this post a jab back.
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    I deal in reality

    Mar 2010
    XLT , surfmaster PI , HAYS 2Box , VIBRA-TECTOR
    2947 times
    Name:  hand print-2_edited-3.jpg
Views: 974
Size:  39.7 KBIron Patch, I have never hit a waterline, so I think that was injected as a positive point, that is they repair any dammage they do. Sure they go overboard on things to hipe up the show like the overpriced finds, but I haven't seen anything deprimental to our hobby yet.

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    relic hunter

    Dec 2011
    Cape Cod
    tesoro stingray
    86 times
    Beach and Shallow Water Hunting
    I just used a bob cat to dig up someones yard.
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    Charter Member
    Jul 2004
    South Florida Cesspool
    Tesoro Sand Shark, Whites M6
    8562 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Sure, why not!

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    Mar 2012
    396 times
    Here's my new signature. If anyone wants to use it feel free to do so.

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    Charter Member
    Jul 2004
    South Florida Cesspool
    Tesoro Sand Shark, Whites M6
    8562 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I guess everyone else thinks the show is productive and entertaining.

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    Mr. Schulz

    Mar 2012
    DeWitt, Iowa
    Ace 250, Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Custom Recovery tools, Nupla Prb4t Soil Probe 60 IN,
    310 times
    Coin Roll Hunting, Bottle hunting, and Metal Detecting
    I love the show, just for its topic but the overall show SUCKS. I don't like it for its show. I just like it that its about metal detecting. I mean, digging up a bunch of concrete and pulling out a 800 year old cross out of a air filter and a bunch of large cents in tact. Bull
    2013 Finds- 12/3

    Bottle Digging
    Blob tops: 0
    Hutches: 2
    Medicines: 23
    Local Bottles: 24
    Tokens: 2, (1) Local
    1948 S Roosie Dime
    8 Spoons
    Music box part
    Axe Head
    19th Century cutting scissors
    Metal Detecting:
    Foreign: 1
    Wheats: 28
    Silver Dimes: 1
    Token: 1
    Clad: $47.53

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    Aug 2010
    Ontario canada
    fisher f75
    22 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I'v only seen a couple of the shows but i think it is just funny to watch, like when they sell a brittle saw a broken bear trap and a couple of rusty nic nacs for something like $6000. and there technique to defrost the ground is just the funniest most unrealistic and wasteful thing i'v ever seen in my life, they get a crud load of barrels and fill them up with wood and while it's burning all of the sudden you hear a random loud voice "BOOM BABY" while he is pouring gas on the fires and everyone is just overreacting and freaking out, i just can't help but laugh in hysterics over it all. my opinion I don't hate the show, actually i kind of like watching it for these reasons.

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    I Often Find Myself Killing Time Looking For What Time Has Killed!

    Feb 2009
    Morehead City / Newport NC
    Minelab E-Trac
    940 times
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    Them Colonials​Can't Hide Nowhere Now!

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    Charter Member

    Nov 2006
    N.E. Ohio on lake Erie
    2529 times
    I am with Frankn i sort of like the show....They show asking and getting turned down... they show they repair something they broke....... Yes they yell but so what we all yell at times........ I don't under stand the lynch mob mentality on these shows....... " Lynch mob mentality " Some one says something bad about someone or something so in order to belong to the group they agree and join in with the mob...
    ".. Let no one know what , when , or where ..'

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    May 2012
    north Alabama
    1 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    the over-reaction is funny but the cliffhangers while we wait thru a commercial is really funny

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    May 2012
    19 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I'm a new poster but not new to the hobby. I was approached through email back in January, 2011, to be a potential candidate for the show. During the telephone interview, it became obvious I was not the "character" they were looking for and I forgot about it until I started reading your posts and then finally saw the show. I'm saddened and opposed to the route they chose, but reality TV isn't about reality, is it? I am a packrat though, and saved the original email. It contains contact information, so I'd suggest if you want to lodge a complaint to give them a call or Fax them. Here's is the email with names struck out:
    Hi XXX,

    My name is XXXX XXXXXXXX, and I work in development at Gurney Productions in Los Angeles. Recently, we've had a great deal of success with one of our newest shows, Auction Hunters (Spike TV), and we are in the very early stages of developing a similarly structured show about treasure hunting and metal detection.

    I stumbled upon your blog while doing research for the show, and would really like to speak with you regarding the potential of bringing you on as one of the featured hunters, or even picking your brain a little bit about treasure hunting. I am available by phone at 310-645-1499 from 10:00 - 8:00PST, or by e-mail at this address 24/7.

    I very much look forward to speaking with you!


    Gurney Productions
    Office: 310.645.1499
    Fax: 310.645.1450


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