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    Mar 2012
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    I Have a a Good Question for you all...

    This is sanddigger, about one year ago I took a very bad fall I fell on my right shoulder ! and had to have Surgey to repair it. it has beed a lond road back to move my right arm. shoulder & groud do not work to good now my question my boots have a stell toe in them will this mane the detector not work will it pick up the metal in side my boots ? thanks aka Joe p.s I all most forgot has any on ever buy the, ( Swingy Thingy ) ? you can finf it in Lost treasure.
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    May 2010
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    Steel toed boots and metal detecting don't mix. Wear non-metalic footwear. Yes, the swingy thingy can help. Good luck!

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    Swing using your left arm. extend the coil to get away from the steel toe. (is it actually a steel toe or steel in the toe of the boot?). Left -hand swing is the way to go. (welcome to the net) TTC
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