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    Jun 2012
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting

    I'll be a changed man by the end of the day!

    I've arbitrarily decided to take up metal detecting and my first md is showing up today! (I had it overnighted to work so that I can start using it tonight.) I'm spending the weekend at my parent's old farm while they are away and thought it would be a good way to spend the weekend. I know the property inside out, as I've grown up here. Its essentially 140 acres of 200 year old farm land thats "unpicked" (image attached). My parents have lived there for 30 years and I cant recall anyone ever coming out to search the property. Its a little overwhelming, but I've got some really good ideas on where to start, but any insight is always helpful. There is a large creek that borders the property and a small stream that cuts through as well. I've been "told" that our area is good for prospecting, but that's not really my bag (yet). Barn and original farm house is early 1800. Might have some luck around the barn, but I'm doubtful around the house. We know that there was an original log house that was later torn down and built a stone 4 on 4. The house has had several additions, with my parents adding a large one 15 years ago which included major yard reshaping. I would guess that most of the area immediately around the house is no longer virgin. But maybe it still hold some trinkets. I'm also aware of a very old wagon road on the property. And of course the original trash dump. Might stay away from the dump for a while. I know it was used as late as the mid 50's based on some of the items I've seen in there and I'm sure its going to be hit after hit on the md which will probably be frustrating digging up old washers and pop cans. Every field is lined with stone fence rows, so they may be promising as well.

    I think tonight I'm going to be in and around the barn and then work the old road. Maybe creek beds by the end of the weekend. We're also extremely friendly with all of the neighbors who have equally large properties, but I dont know the land as well. Maybe in 50 years when I can finish sweeping my parents farm....

    I've also got access to a local ski area with roughly 1200 acres!! We usually see some guys in the spring with metal detectors, but they primarily walk under the ski lifts and base area looking for change. I've got access to some other parts of the mountain that most people arent even aware of. There's at least one old cabin thats since been destroyed and a swimming pool that is hand laid stone / stream fed. No one has any clue the origins of the pool. Its one of the most remote and inaccessible areas on the property with no other (discernible) structures around it.

    Fingers crossed! I'm excited to get into the hobby and have such a great way to spend the weekend. I'll post any treats that I can find!

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    Apr 2012
    The Jersey Shore
    Ace350/ATpro/2Excalibur1000's Eldorado/Bandito II ÁMax/Conquistador ÁMax/ Silver Sabre ÁMax/ Compadre/ Whites TRX & Garrett Pro-Pointer/ Lesche digger model 75 Stealth 720i & S3i Scoops
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    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    So what metal detector did you decide to buy for this venture?
    One must be smarter than the equipment they are working with!

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    Three Amigo Detecting

    Sep 2010
    Out Diggin Silver
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    Metal Detecting
    Good luck

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    Jun 2012
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I ended up getting a Bounty Hunter Quicksilver that came with a pinpointer. Couple reasons behind the choice. I'm well aware of my faults, one of which is hobby hopping. I'll either take into this completely, at which point I'll buy a nicer one in a year. I'll drop it by the end of the summer, at which point I had $100 worth of entertainment. Or, I'll put it into my "rotation" of things that I occasionally do. Seemed like a reasonable price point to start with. Another hobby that I'm highly involved with is electronics/robotics. If I buy a nicer md or decide that I'm not in love with the actual art of metal detecing, there is 100% chance that this one will get recycled into an autonomous rover md! GPS, autopatrolling, cache coordinate storing, field rolling tank! Time will tell. Last year I was into astronomy and astrophotography. Unfortunately a move to the city has yielded my telescope completely useless.

    Some other thoughts about the property. I know of a few trees in the area with (mostly) initial carvings. Some of them are your typical X + Y in a heart. Some of them are just initials. They might get moved to the top of my hot spots for the weekend. Since we've been there the farming has been all no-till farming. Any idea if this will be a help or hindrance?




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