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Thread: About 1/10th of my antique bottle collection inventory

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    Mr. Schulz

    Mar 2012
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    About 1/10th of my antique bottle collection inventory

    I have been collecting local bottles for a while and buying them. I was given a large collection of dug bottles a couple dug when they were younger (now in there 80s') from the Memphis and New york Areas. I have decided to inventory them all now. I have inventory about 1/10th of my collection so far. I collect Coca cola Antiques, Bottles, and Soda Stuff. I've got coke machines and a pepsi machine, and im only 15 . I work hard so I can make the money to buy history. I have lots of soda bottles and medicine bottles. Thoughout this weekend I will be completeling the inventory of my entire collection including my few good finds metal detecting, and my silver coin collection i've bought when its low, and found crhing. Thanks!

    Heres a small list ive compiled so far.

    AYER'S SARSAPARILLA COMPOUND EXT. LOWELL MASS. (c. 1880, Aqua, Cork, 81/2 inches tall)
    DR WB CALDWILLS SYRUP PEPSIN MONTICELLO ILLINOIS (c.1910, Aqua, Cork, 7 inches tall)
    MILLER'S ANTISEPTIC OIL - HERB JUICE MEDICINE CO. (c. 1910, Clear, Cork, 6 inches tall)
    No embossing Torpedo Bottle (c. 1880, Aqua, Blob Top, 9 1/4 inches tall)
    3 Ounce SLOAN'S LINIMENT KILLS PAIN (c.1890, Cork, Clear, 5 inches tall)
    1950 Embossed Coca Cola 6.5 Ounce Bottle
    Clear Ink Bottle (No Embossing, 1 3/4 inches tall, machine made post c.1910)
    ARLEN AND INGWERSEN CLINTON, IA SODA BOTTLE (c. 1890, cork, aqua, 8 inches tall)
    JAPANESE COLD PAINT GERSTENDORFER BROS. NEW YORK,CHICAGO (927) (c.1870 clear, cork, 2 2/3 inches tall)
    Clear Ink Bottle (1 1/2 inches tall, machine made post c.1910, Cork)
    Square Ink Bottle (c. 1890, Clear, 2 inches tall, Cork)
    Fletcher's Castoria (c. 1890, Aqua, Cork, 6 inches tall)
    Joulert Perfume Bottle (c. 1910, Clear, Cork, 2 1/3 inches tall)
    Carters Ink Bottle (Clear, Cork, c. 1910, 2 1/4 tall)
    Generic Prescription Bottle (Clear, Cork, c. 1910, 3 inches tall)
    E.R. Durkee & CO NEW YORK PATD Apr. 17th 1871 (c.post 1910, clear, screw top, 4 3/4 inches)
    Aqua Blob top Cork Bottle (c. 1900, Aqua, Cork, 7 inches tall)
    Arlen and Ingwersen Clinton, Iowa (Aqua, C. 1910, 8 inches, crown)
    DR G.H. Tichnors Antiseptic Refrigerant Sherrouse Medicine Co LTD New Orleans (Aqua, c. 1880, 6 inches tall, cork)
    Fletchers Gastoria (Aqua, Cork, C. 1910 5 3/4 inches tall)
    Clovers Imperial Vance Medicine, New York (c.1910, AMBER, Cork, 7 inches tall)
    Usona Prescription Bottle (6 1/3 inches, c. 1890, Clear, Cork)
    R. Matchetts Pure and Genuine Four Fold Liniment (Cork, Aqua, c.1880, 5 1/4 inches)
    Circa 1880's Amber Round Bottle (M.C.W. T.12 C) (Cork, 6 1/4 inches tall)
    Dr. Miles Restorative Nervine (c. 1890, Aqua, Cork, 8 1/4 inches)
    1952 Des Moines, Iowa Coca Cola 6.5 Ounce Embossed Bottle (Chip in bottom DUG)
    C. 1900 Amber Bottle No embossing, (CORK, 4 inches tall)
    Union Medicine Co. Sole Proprietors Acue Cure (POST 1906 with c.1900 seam, blob top, aqua, 7 1/4 inches tall)
    Clinton Iowa, 1921 Coca Cola Bottle 6.5 ounce embossed RARE
    Generic Clear Cork Bottle, c. 1880s 6 1/4 inches
    Arlen and Ingwersen Clinton Iowa (c. 1890, Aqua, 8 inches, Crown)
    Arlen and Ingwersen Clinton Iowa (c. 1910, Aqua, 8 inches, Crown)
    Clear Cork Top Bottle with "888" embossing on bottom (4 1/3 inches tall, c. 1910 machine made)
    Iowa Bottling Co Clinton Iowa "Lemon Beer" (c. 1890, 8 inches tall, crown, Aqua)
    Vaseline Chesebrough New York (Screw top, c.1910, Amber, 2 1/2 inches)
    Theinternational Paste and Polish co Knoxville, TENN (c. 1880, Clear, cork, 3 3/4 inches tall)
    Generic Post 1910 Clear Cork Bottle 3 1/4 inches tall
    Laroche Kina (c.1910 clear, 9 1/2 inches tall)
    Arlen and Son Clinton, Iowa Hutch Top Soda Bottle (Aqua, Blob top, C. 1870, 6 2/3 inches tall)
    2013 Finds- 12/3

    Bottle Digging
    Blob tops: 0
    Hutches: 2
    Medicines: 23
    Local Bottles: 24
    Tokens: 2, (1) Local
    1948 S Roosie Dime
    8 Spoons
    Music box part
    Axe Head
    19th Century cutting scissors
    Metal Detecting:
    Foreign: 1
    Wheats: 28
    Silver Dimes: 1
    Token: 1
    Clad: $47.53

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    In the immortal words of Richard “The Old Man” Harrison,

    "So, what do you want to do with these son? Sell em, or pawn them".
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    Sep 2007
    New Jersey
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    Quote Originally Posted by spartacus53
    In the immortal words of Richard “The Old Man” Harrison,

    "So, what do you want to do with these son? Sell em, or pawn them".
    You gotta be at least 18 Old Man



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