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Thread: Harbor freight metal detector?

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    Jul 2012
    northwest Indiana
    bounty hunter 101/505 ace 350
    37 times
    Metal Detecting

    Harbor freight metal detector?

    Hi, doe anyone hear have or know of anyone who has purchased and used a metal detector from harbor freight? I need something better than my bh1-d/505 and I can not even afford the 250$ for one, so i am in harbor freight and see they have metal detectors for cheap 50$ and they claim they can even go in the water and detect different types of metal, copper,silver . This would be great for now if true, i need a change from the bh1-d/505, so if anyone has any information I would appreciate you passing it on, times are just too hard and I cannot get the money for anything more expensive. Hmmmm, Ive got cardboard and marker, " would you givewont lie need money for metal detector" would you give to the cause? lol just kidding HH

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    Apr 2012
    740 times
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    they have one for 44 dollars that actually works pretty good and goes fairly deep
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    Jun 2011
    White's XLT
    3755 times
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    I would suggest you just keep saving towards getting a decent one. it may take a little while, but it will be worth the wait. to me, purchasing that 50 dollar one will just put you 50 dollars more in the hole and that much further behind towards getting a good one.

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    Jul 2012
    bounty hunter tracker IV
    127 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    im in a similar quandry my brother is out of state for a few weeks and i left my tracker 4 in the trunk of his car! i went to harbor freight and saw the detector you are speaking of and almost talked myself into buying it but decided i can grin and bear it for a few weeks and put the money towards a detector i actually want if you pull it out of the package you will see that the quality just isnt there the thing feels cheap and in my experience if they arent trying to make it feel like your getting a deal you probably aren't. That being said i did see some kid on here that swears its better than a tesero compadre i think he might be ill informed though!

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    Sep 2011
    3 times
    I have one and actually am suprised at how well it works..It doesn't give depth but does pin point well and finds coins..Like any other detector you just have to learn what its telling you. No it's not near the calibar as my AT Pro ...but it works
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    Jul 2012
    bounty hunter tracker IV
    127 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    hmmm maybe i will buy one as a back up and for the rare occasions when the wife decides to join me!
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    Dec 2007
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    I cannot comment on their metal detectors but in general, I do know they have several products that are "90% as good for 20% the cost".

    There are people willing to spend infinitely more money chasing that last 10% when really, it's pretty ridiculous.
    For some reason, Americans are incredibly irrational consumers but when you go to Europe, they're a lot more objective about this kid of stuff. You even see 'high end' Chinese made consumer goods over there, which they know to not even bother importing into the United States since we're kinda dumb here and lean heavily on the simplifying ideology of "MADE IN CHINA = JUNK!!!" which can be true, but usually isn't.

    Anyway, the reason I point this out is because any mention of Harbor Freight brings out a group of people who dog whatever they sell on principle, while they posses very little in the way of actual, practical, working knowledge on what they're talking about. With all this said, a MD is a pretty elaborate, perfornamce oriented product. It's not a hand tool, shovel or sheet of sand paper. There's a possibility they may be junk, but there's a possiblity they work well.
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    Mar 2007
    Salinas, CA
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    Anything from Harbor Freight, as far as it concerns metal detectors, in my opinion, would be a "toy". If you have $250 saved up, I bet you could do better shopping through ebay or some other such classifieds, and getting something like a 6000 Di pro, as a good all-around machine (coins, beach, relic, etc...).

    I know that others would argue that these harbor-freight/radio shack type $50 to $99 machines can still find stuff. Granted. Of course, today's "toys" are probably better than the top-of-the-line machines of 25 yrs. ago or whatever (same logic as cell-phones and computer advancements of each decade). But all I can tell you, is if your using one of those in a difficult situation (deeep turf situations where some selectivity and that extra inch of soil makes ALL the difference), or in mineralized beach storm conditions where speed is of the essence, you will get your b*tt spanked by a name-brand top of the line machine.

    But sure, if you just want to goof off in sandboxes, or go to easy prolific spots (yards that have never been hit, etc...), then sure, those machines will find stuff.
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    Jul 2012
    New Orleans burb
    At-Pro, Fisher F2
    123 times
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    I'd say save your nickels, look for a used machine either from a dealer or mabe craigslist. Nephew just picked up a Fisher F2 w extra coil for $125 incl. shipping. Sold new for about $200. Look for perhaps this or a used Garrett 150 for around $100. And if I have issues with my AT-pro (purchased new in October) this fall/spring in salty surf or salty wet gulf coast beaches, look for a deal here. I have heard the at-pro does much better in the southern salty beaches. Anyone else aware of this? I sure hope. So far I love it. Muucho beach hunts soon!!! Mississippi and Texas.
    HH Ray
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    Charter Member

    Nov 2006
    N.E. Ohio on lake Erie
    2526 times
    I saw some Garretts Ace 150's on Ebay for under $100.00 and they are a good starter detector .... You can get them repaired by garrett if ever needed..........But with the Harbor freight detector if it breaks you just throw it away.......And you can get different coils for the 150..... you can not for the harbor freight detector...
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    Sep 2012
    Western Pa.
    Whites XLT
    304 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Seekandfind , contact the dealers on this site or let everyone on here know your trying to upgrade . Maybe someone will have a nice used brand name detector they are willing to give you a good deal on . Stay with the big brand names not the toys big box stores sell . You'll be glad you did years from now . Good luck & HH .

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    Dec 2008
    Garrett Ace250,garrett pro-pointer,AT/Pro,
    498 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
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    I have a friend who works at HF and he told me that at his store,some people will come back and buy the same item 4 or 5 times,if though they know it will break in a short time,after they buy it.They call it Tool Porn.
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    Jul 2013
    Middle GA
    Fisher F2
    8 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    Don't know how much MD experience you have but I chose the Fisher F2 for its user friendly settings, light weight and for my region detects pretty deep. $200 combo came with a pointer, 2 coils and some other goodies. Most vendors will meet or beat other vendors prices so research internet for best prices. Just make sure they are a reputable business. Big Boy Hobby as well as others are mentioned in this forum. It's a great starter MD. I will eventually upgrade to a Garrett but I'm happy right now.
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    May 2013
    Minelab E-Trac, Minelab Xterra 705, Garrett AT Pro, Bounty Hunter Tracker IV, Fisher F2
    69 times
    All Types Of Treasure Hunting
    I recently bought the HF 9 Function MD mostly out of curiosity. I figured if it proved to be a decent MD, I would either use it for a backup or for the grandkids to use when they go hunting with me.


    When I got the MD home, I immediately noticed the screws which hold the handle on the machine were both missing. Not to be discouraged, I bought 2 new screws from the local hardware store. After I secured the handle with the new screws I fired up the machine and went outside to test it out. The MD started finding coins right off the bat, but the performance was intermittent. Half the time it performed flawless, and the rest of the time it would beep and buzz erratically.


    Still not discouraged, I took the machine back in the house and starting disassembling it. Once I got it apart, I noticed the positive lead going to the battery had been pinched against the circuit board during assembly causing an intermittent short. I rerouted the wire, reassembled the unit and took it back outside for another test. This time it performed great and has been working good ever since.


    I recently gave the HF MD to my grandson along with a pinpointer and he has been having a great time finding all sorts of treasures. He and I went out hunting together the other day and he was finding almost as many coins as I was with my Minelab.



    The HF MD is not as durable as most of the higher-end machines and the Quality Inspection of the assembly is lacking, but if you are handy at fixing minor assembly problems, the circuitry of the machine works and will find coins.
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    I deal in reality

    Mar 2010
    XLT , surfmaster PI , HAYS 2Box , VIBRA-TECTOR
    2947 times
    Hay, why settle for a base line detector, you got one now. Buy a good older highline detector. I am using a 13 year old XLT for yards and parks and it has paid for itself many times over. It pinpoints exactly and gives a dept reading that is accurate"on coins". It has found large objects at 2'. You could probably save up $50 more bucks and pick one up here or on E Bay.

    I would not buy a detector from Harbor freight , hay there pinpointers are as good as the $160 ones and they only cost about $18, but a pinpointer is a very simple device where a detector is far more complicated. Go for Quality in a detector. Frank...
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