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    engagement ring

    Hello, I have recently lost a platinum engagement ring, and have no real idea where it is. I think it may be in my yard somewhere (i hope). My question is: I have a dicovery 1000 detector, I was wondering if it will register a platinum ring? If so what steps do I take in setting up my detector for it? Any help would be appreciated. TY

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    Re: engagement ring

    frogger, take your machine to the jeweler that sold the ring. Explain that you lost it and need to get it dialed in with one that is identical or similar to it. Take note of the settings on the machine and have at it. GOOD LUCK!!!

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    Re: engagement ring

    I'm not sure about platinum and MDs, but I will pass on a hint that worked for me.

    I lost my engagement ring from my set in the woods, that is now my yard. I did not have a MD at the time, we were clearing the property at the time and had about 30 goats in there to clear the brush. We did look during the daylight hours, my husband kept telling me that one of the goats probably ate it and check for my ring in the goat poop the next day. Needless to say, I went back out there that night with a flashlight and retraced every area we walked around. I found my ring!!! The light from the flashlight, caught the diamond at a certain angle and the sparkle caught my eye. You may want to try this tip!!

    Hopefully, someone else can help you on the platinum, discovery 1000 suggestion.

    Good Luck, and let us know if you find it!!


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    Re: engagement ring

    good idea with the flashlight river rat. i will try that after dinner



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