handy household solution
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    ranger ricky

    handy household solution

    coins silver and pennys, been in the water for years how or what would u soak in to start with, the half dollar i found had no particle or build up the rest are pretty much impossible to make out.

    what would u try to soak them in

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    Re: handy household solution

    If found in salt water, you need to soak in distilled water for weeks or months to get the salt out.

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    Re: handy household solution

    Olive oil seems to be the soaking substrate of choice. I have soaked alot of coins in it with pretty decent results. After only a couple of days you will see the olive oil change to a greenish color from all the crap it is removing. Ive read to change your oil every so often. If nothing else it should allow you to eventualy get an id and or date from your coins. Oe member here has mentioned that he uses ammonia to clean the coins then uses a little olive oil to brighten them up. Remember this process takes a very long time so if you are impatient I would not recommend...Shoot

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    Re: handy household solution

    check the peroxide thread in cleaning and preservation
    if they are new dont bother
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    ranger ricky

    Re: handy household solution

    fresh water, I can let them soak no hurry thanks



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