how to determine if it is gold?
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    Jul 2012
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    how to determine if it is gold?

    Found a blob of metal awhile back. I tossed it in my collection jar and forgot it. Yesterday I took out a metal detecting book at the library and saw a picture of similar looking globs claiming they were gold finds. It doesnt look like gold (melted down), no gold tint, its not heavy, doesnt smell lol, kind of light not heavy. Sorry I cannot post pictures, I am at library using their computer. The picture I saw was in Modern metal detectors by Garret.Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and happy hunting.

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    I also found a glob that was golden in color and sounded out as a gold ring on my ace .

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    Get acid and test it is what most of us do....... I buy acid test kit once a year or so.....

    Doesn't sound like gold from description.

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    Send it to me, if it's Gold I'll send it back, if it's not I'll keep it

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