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Thread: Voltage / Performance

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    Oct 2005
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    Re: Voltage / Performance

    The old British deep seeker the Arado 120b always ran smoother as the batteries ran down. I'll have a look at the patent and see what regulator was used.

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    Aug 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by cosmic View Post
    Surprised nobody uses li-poly's yet, small ,light and large capacity.. Same as used in many cell phone and laptops.. I fly rc electric planes... Each cell is 3.7 volts and a 3 cell 11.1 volts, 2100 mah's only weigh less than 4 oz.
    Also batteries hooked in series (+ to- -to +) double the voltage.. Batteries in parallel (+ to+ - to - ) the voltage stay the same but the continuous Ah's( amp hours)( how many amps can be drawn at one time) and mah doubles.. So it depend on how the batteries are hooked into the circuts of the detector..
    ( power consumpsion of the detector in Ah's is like the milage you get in you car)
    (Mah's = milli amp hours or the capacity of the battery think of it like how much gas you can put in your car gas tank..)
    So it depend on how many amp hours the detector uses (Power consumpsion) to how long the batteries will last until the voltage drop off shows low level on the battery meter..
    Most batteries lose 1 to 2 volt immediately in use and then stabilize at a working voltage..
    Hope this info will help..
    Li Po batteries are more volatile and prone to failure and fire if handled roughly.
    They produce a charge more suited for RC cars etc. and are not easy to get shipped
    due to their volatility.

    I recently bought a 3D printed battery case for my DFX on ebay that holds 3
    Tenergy 18650 lithium ion batteries @ 3.7 volts each and 3500 maH (protected)
    They produce 13 Volts after a charge and so far have depleted to 12.7 Volts
    after 7 hours of hunting.
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    If y'all are interested I did a battery test awhile back with a few types of batteries. Probably more than you want to know, but it's what I do. Starts at bottom page 1.

    Need input on true 9v rechargeable batteries

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